Chiral Matter: from quarks to quantum computers

July 05, 2023 - July 07, 2023

Hôtel de Ville de Tours
Place Jean Jaurès
Salle Anatole France
37000 Tours



Chirality plays a key role in modern science and technology, from particle physics to pharmacology. Recently, impressive progress has been made in the theoretical and experimental studies of quantum matter with chiral constituents, from quark-gluon plasma to Dirac and Weyl semimetals. With the recent advent of quantum computing, the studies of real-time quantum phenomena in chiral matter have become accessible.

In this context, the conference aims to bring together scientists interested in various aspects of chiral matter and in applications of quantum computing to the description of real-time phenomena. Topics will cover:

- Real-time chiral response in nuclear and condensed matter physics
- Anomalous transport phenomena in real time
- Quantum computing methods for real-time quantum phenomena
- Quantum simulations on quantum and classical hardware


  • Prof. Dmitri Kharzeev, LE STUDIUM Research Professor
    FROM: Department of Physics and Astronomy, Stony Brook University - USA
    IN RESIDENCE AT: Institut Denis Poisson / CNRS, University of Orléans, University of Tours - FR


  • Dr Maxim Chernodub
    Institut Denis Poisson / CNRS, University of Orléans, University of Tours - FR


  • Adrien Florio, Brookhaven National Laboratory - USA
  • Mark Goerbig, Université Paris-Sud - France
  • Karl Landstainer, Institute of Theoretical Physics - Spain
  • Qiang Li, Brookhaven National Laboratory -  USA
  • Alexander Molochkov, Far Eastern Federal University -  Russia
  • Antti  Niemi, Stockholm University - Sweden
  • Martin Savage, University of Washington - USA
  • Shuzhe Shi, Stony Brook University -> Tsinghua University -  China
  • Mikhail Stephanov, University of Illinois at Chicago - USA
  • Nathan Wiebe, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and University of Washington - USA




  • 12:30    Welcome lunch & registration            
  • 14:00    Official Opening: Greetings from Le Studium (Sophie  Gabillet, General Secretary) and from University of Tours (Colombine Madelaine, Vice-President for International Relations)            


 Chairperson: Maxim Chernodub        

  • 14:30    Mark Goerbig - How far can one boost Lorentz... in Dirac matter?            
  • 15:15    Martin Savage - Toward Digital Quantum Simulations of Standard Model Physics - some of our recent results             
  • 16:00    Coffee break            
  • 16:30    Antti Niemi - From Feynman's ratchet to timecrystalline molecular motors            
  • 17:15    Adrien Florio - News from magnetohydrodynamics and anomalous transport 
  • 18:00    Xavier Aubry - EQUALITY: Efficient Quantum Algorithms for Industry            
  • 18:45    End of the 1st day            
  • 19:00    Wine & Cheese cocktail                     

 THURSDAY 06th JULY 2023                     

  • 8:45    Welcome coffee           


 Chairperson: Karl Landsteiner                

  • 9:00    Nathan Wiebe - Quantum Simulation of Classical Harmonic Oscillators            
  • 9:45    Kazuki Ikeda - Efficient quantum computation of 2d and 3d quantum field theories: from condensed matter physics to high energy physics            
  • 10:30    Coffee break            
  • 11:00    Mikhail Stephanov - Hydro+            
  • 11:45    Shuzhe Shi - Real-time non-perturbative dynamics of jet production from quantum computation            
  • 12:30    Lunch            


 Chairperson: Mark Goerbig                

  • 13:30    Qiang Li: Topological phases in ZrTe 5 and chirality enabled quantum information systems            
  • 14:15    Alexander Molochkov: Casimir effect: entanglement of quantum and classical physics       
  • 15:15    Departure by bus for excursion in front of the City Hall            
  • 16:00    Guided visit of Amboise Castle in English (1 hour)            
  • 17:00    Free time in Amboise            
  • 19:30    Social dinner : Château de Beaulieu - Joué les Tours    
  • 22:30 / 23:00   Return to Tours Train station

FRIDAY 07th JULY 2023        

  • 8:45    Welcome coffee     


Chairperson: Dmitri Kharzeev                

  • 9:00    Eleanor Crane - Advantages of native qubit-boson circuits for quantum simulation of lattice gauge theories          
  • 9:45    Sergey Solodukhin - Logarithmic terms in entanglement entropy: black holes, anomalies and boundaries            
  • 10:30    Coffee break             
  • 11:00    Karl Landsteiner - Chern Simons in Black Holes as unified theory of topological quantum matter            
  • 11:45    Round table discussion - «Quantum Computing for Chiral Systems: Future Directions» (Mark Goerbig, Martin Savage, Nathan Wiebe, Qiang Li, Mikhail Stephanov, Xavier Aubry)            
  • 12:30    Conclusion            

Credits: Valery Rokhin -

Hôtel de Ville de Tours (Tours City Hall) 

Place Jean Jaurès - 37000 TOURS - FR

The event will take place in the city centre at the Hotel de Ville of Tours located in Square Jean-Jaures and very near the main train station. This elegant building was designed in the early 20th century by Victor Laloux, the architect of the Gare d'Orsay in Paris (now the Musée d'Orsay).  Its monumental stairs, paintings and sculptures make it a recommended place to visit. Participants will also have the opportunity to discover French cuisine and Loire Valley wines during an evening social.

General Information

Congress Venue

 Hôtel de Ville de Tours (Tours City Hall), Place Jean Jaurès

37000 Tours, France


Wednesday, 5 July - Friday, 7 July 2023


The official language of the Congress is English

Welcome pack and Name Badge

 Upon arrival you will receive a welcome pack that includes the printed material of the Conference and your name badge will be given to you at the reception . Please wear your name badge at all times during the Conference and to all official Conference events.

Invitation Letters
Invitation Letters

 An official letter of invitation facilitating the obtention of an entry visa can be sent upon request . In order to receive an invitation letter for visa purposes, send an email to Please note that : 
- we only issue an official letter once the payment of the registration fee has been validated.
- such letters do not represent a commitment on the part of the Organisers to provide any financial assistance.

Certificate of attendance

 After the conference, in order to receive a certficate of participation, send an email to



(Including two lunches, a Wine & Cheese cocktail and the coffee breaks)

Private institutions 250 EUR
Public institutions 180 EUR
Students & PhD Scholars 75 EUR
Social dinner & touristic visit 75 EUR



 How to get there ?

By train: 

* Tours centre station
 1.5 hour trip from Paris (Montparnasse)

 * Saint Pierre des Corps (4km from Tours town centre)
Bus 5, 20 minutes trip to Tours centre station


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Parking Tours Nationale, 5 rue Emile Zola, 37000 Tours

 By plane:

*Arrival at Roissy Charles De Gaulle (CDG) airport
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> Then take a train to Tours (see "by train" section above)  

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