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UMR 1253 Imagerie & Cerveau - Faculté de Médecine
10 Bd Tonnellé - Bât. Thérèse Planiol
Tours 37032

Catherine Belzung
Scientific Field

Our Unit develops diagnostic tools and innovative therapies for psychiatric diseases. Our unit brings together researchers, research professors, clinicians, engineers and technicians with complementary expertise in clinical research: psychiatry, neuroscience, genetics and medical imaging; as well as in basic and clinical research: physics, chemistry, radiochemistry, acoustics, mathematics, psychiatry, neurosciences, genetics and medical imaging.

Research topics :

  • Neurophysiology and cognition of autism spectrum disorder
  • Neurobiological basis of antidepressant resistance
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Genomics and neuronal physiopathology of intellectual disabilities and amyotrophic lateral disorder
  • Development of molecular imaging methods and of new biomarkers
  • In-vitro and in-vivo metabolomics
  • Ultrasound imaging and therapy
  • Neurostimulation
  • Biomedical image and data analysis
  • Ground truth (anatomy, test object) and atlas creation

Equipment and technology:

  • Technical platform for cell biology: Primary cell culture room; Miltenyi Biotech, GentleMACS Dissociator; Leica MZ95 stereomicroscope; Leica CTR 5500 B confocal microscope; Evos M5000 microscope with onstage incubator
  • High-frequency and high-resolution digital Vevo 2100 ultrasound imaging platform (Visualsonics)
  • Aixplorer ultrasound system (Supersonic imagine)
  • MicroPET/CT imaging (IRIS and IRIS-XL, Inviscan)
  • Radiotelemetry devices for locomotor activity, ECG, Arterial blood pressure, EMG
  • Behavioral testing for cognition and emotion: Videotracking (Ethovision)
  • Stereotaxic surgery
  • Optogenetic devices (Prizmatix)
  • In vivo Calcium imaging (nVoke)
  • 32 channels in-vivo electrophysiology (Axona
  • Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS, Animal), MagVenture
  • Image/signal processing tools
  • 3 Eye tracking systems (1 FaceLab, 2 SMI RED500)
  • Mobile eye tracking glasses (SMI)
  • 2 EEG-ERPs 64-channels recording systems (Compumedics Curry 7, Biosemi ActiveTwo)
  • A neuro-vegetative recording system (Biopac MP36)
  • An ecological neuro-vegetative recording system (Phymep)
  • Emotional response recording system using Experience Sampling Method (ESM, Ipod)
  • A video network acquisition system connected to every unit of the department (12 HD cameras, video database, Povitech Archive)
  • A bioclinical database (Oracle database)
  • 3D printers
  • Access to equipment of animal facilities platform and Analysis of biological systems platform
  • Access to CIRE/INRA equipment
  • Access to CIC-IT/CHU Tours equipment
  • Access to CERRP equipment
  • Time slots for research on the 3T MRI at the CHU Tours.


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