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Established in 1996 by Prof. Paul Vigny and inspired by the historical, geographical and human cultures of the Loire Valley, LE STUDIUM Loire Valley Institute for Advanced Studies covers all research thematics in one global initiative aiming at boosting international scientific exchanges in the Centre-Val de Loire region and creating a dynamic scientific community that supports research and innovation.

LE STUDIUM is headquartered in the city centre of Orleans, right next to the Orléans’ cathedral, in the former episcopal palace built between 1635 and 1641, locally known as the Hôtel Dupanloup and which served of residence to the bishops of Orléans until 1905. Completely renovated and redesigned in 2014, the French classical building provides with exceptional facilities and hosts the International University Center for Research and Le Studium Loire Valley Institute for Advanced Studies.

Across a series of different research programmes and an annual call for applications, the Smart Loire Valley Programme, LE STUDIUM attracts, selects and welcomes experienced international researchers into public and private regional laboratories for long-term residencies and organises scientific events and networking actions enabling the  development of sustainable international collaboration and scientific interdisciplinary exchanges. The development of human capital for research, development and innovation is at the heart of LE STUDIUM mission.

LE STUDIUM links with a large regional network of research stakeholders in the Centre-Val de Loire region:

  • Higher education and research institutions: University of Orleans, University of Tours, INSA Centre-Val de Loire, ESAD Orleans
  • National research centres : BRGM, CNRS, CEA Le Ripault, Center INRAE Val de Loire, INSERM, IRSTEA
  • Poles of Competitiveness: Cosmetic Valley, Elastopole, Dream, S2E2, Vegepolys

LE STUDIUM Loire Valley Institute for Advanced Studies offers international invited research fellows and professors an intellectual and human space favouring interdisciplinary exchanges and debates ; it is guided by the three necessary conditions required for a creative activity, namely Curiosity, Imagination and Intuition.


LE STUDIUM SMART LOIRE VALLEY PROGRAMME offers different formats of long-term residency awards and temporary visits (fellowships, professorships, experts days, etc…) as well as a portfolio of international networking actions (international research consortium, conference, summer school, workshop, seminar, etc…) designed to attract experienced international researchers in the Centre-Val de Loire region.

The SMART LOIRE VALLEY General Programme is open to all areas of research currently established in the region, whereas the ARD2020 Programmes are linked to the smart specialization strategy adopted by the Centre-Val de Loire region and target five specific domains of research : biopharmaceuticals, renewable energies, environmental metrology, cosmetosciences and natural and cultural heritage.


  • LE STUDIUM PROFESSORSHIP: targets an international Professor who will bring expertise to at leat one public or private laboratory in order to share knowledge, lead research projects and teach in the Centre-Val de Loire region for three months each year for four years (twelve months in total).
  • LE STUDIUM FELLOWSHIP: targets an experienced international Researcher who will come and work for a year (12 consecutive months) in a laboratory of the Centre-Val de Loire region.
  • LE STUDIUM PROFESSORSHIP and FELLOWSHIP awards include an attractive salary, a furnished accommodation, access to French classes and logistic and financial support to organise an international event.
  • LE STUDIUM CONSORTIUM: supports the creation of a team of five researchers – four international Researchers and one local Researcher– to exchange and develop new perspectives and organize one-week seminar every six months for two years (four meetings in total) in the Centre-Val de Loire region. Travels, accommodation and meals are covered by the award.
  • LE STUDIUM VISITING RESEARCHER: targets an experienced international Researcher who has the opportunity and resources to come and work for a minimum of 3 consecutive months (up to 12 consecutive months) in a laboratory of the Centre-Val de Loire region. A furnished accommodation is offered to the research fellow.


  • LE STUDIUM THURSDAYS: cross-disciplinary meetings taking place every first Thursday of the month, gathering the research fellows and professors in residence, their laboratory hosts and guests from the scientific, industrial and institutional sectors.
  • LE STUDIUM CONFERENCES: two to three days scientific colloquium gathering researchers from all over the world, about the thematic of LE STUDIUM research fellows.
  • LE STUDIUM LECTURES: lectures open to the general public, research and innovation stakeholders.
  • LE STUDIUM WORKSHOPS: one to four days’ workgroup’s gathering experts sharing a common objective such as structuring research projects, discussing a line of research or transferring knowledge and technologies...
  • LEONARDO RENCONTRES: general public conferences aiming at highlighting and discussing the challenges of research in region Centre-Val de Loire, including those linked to the socio-economic world.
  • LE STUDIUM EXPERTS DAYS: organised visits of international senior experts in a specific discipline with targeted meetings and interactions (researchers, industries, policy makers, students)


LE STUDIUM Fellows, Visiting Researchers and Professors receive full support with all logistics and administrative aspects (visa, residence permit, registration to social agencies, medical coverage, school for children, social and sports activities…) to welcome them and their family in exceptionally good conditions.

In Orleans Le Chateau de La Motte Sanguin is one of the residences available to welcome research fellows ; it offers an exceptional setting and view on the Loire river.
LE STUDIUM Fellows, Visiting Researchers and Experts, Professors and Consortium members receive an exceptional support to plan and succeed their visit or relocation in the region. They are fully invited to attend all LE STUDIUM international events.

LE STUDIUM relies on the services of the Centre-Val de Loire region's EURAXESS mobility center.

So far LE STUDIUM has welcomed in region Centre-Val de Loire more than 222 experienced foreign researchers from 47 countries of Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Oceania for long term residency of 12 months or more.




LE STUDIUM Programmes enable the selection, recruitment and installation of highly qualified and skilled international researchers.

A call for projects - Le Smart Loire Valley Programme* - ,open from November each year to February next year, collects Professorship, Consortium and Fellowship and Visiting Researchers applications which are then evaluated by independent external peer reviewers and an independent Scientific Council.  A final selection of best candidates and high added-value research projects is published each year in early July.

LE STUDIUM Scientific Council is composed of 25 members independent scientific experts including 15 international members. The council membership covers all scientific thematics and is regularly renewed in order to ensure an independent international perspective for the evaluation of scientific projects.

LE STUDIUM Scientific Council meets annually to review the applications of the Smart Loire Valley Programme after the collection of external peer reviews. It delivers a list of final ranking determining the final selection of candidates. In addition, separately and according to their field of specialization and expertise, Scientific Council members are involved in the review of candidates and proposals of candidacies submitted to the Ambition for Research and Development 2020 regional programmes.

*this programmes receives funding from the European Union Horizon 2020 research innovation programme under the Marie Sklowdovska Curie grant agreeement # 665790

Scientific Council members list


LE STUDIUM Loire Valley Institute for Advanced Studies counts among its members the universities of Orleans and Tours, the INSA CVL, the ESAD Orléans,  and research institutions present in the region Centre-Val de Loire (BRGM, CEA, CNRS, INRAE, INSERM), poles of competitiveness and clusters based in region (Cosmetic Valley, Elastopôle, Pôle S2E2, Pôle DREAM, Végépolys), as well as personalities of the socio-economic world.

Aside from the General Assembly of Members and the Board, a steering committee - Orientation Committee - validates the strategy of LE STUDIUM Institute for Advanced Studies and participates in the evaluation of the Institute activities. The Orientation Committee gathers with the members of the board and officers, the representatives of the State (Rector of the Academy and Regional delegate for research and technology), the representatives of local authorities (Regional Council of the region Centre-Val de  Loire, the Loiret Council and Orléans Metropole). The Vice-president of the Regional Council of Centre-Val de Loire for Universities, higher education, research and innovation, chairs the Orientation Committee and provides strategic guidance.  

Governance LE STUDIUM