Established in 1996 by Prof. Paul Vigny and inspired by the historical, geographical and human cultures of the Loire Valley, LE STUDIUM Loire Valley Institute for Advanced Studies covers all research fields in one global initiative aiming at boosting international and multidisciplinary scientific exchanges in the Centre-Val de Loire region and creating a dynamic scientific community that fosters knowledge, research and innovation. Strengthening fundamental research, sharing knowledge, contributing to innovation developments and addressing global challenges are the many goals pursued by the institute.

Initially installed on the premises of the CNRS campus, the institute holds its premises in the city centre of Orleans, in a former episcopal palace built between 1635 and 1641 next to the Orléans’ cathedral. The building is locally known as the Hôtel Dupanloup. It served of residence to the bishops of Orléans until 1905. Completely renovated and redesigned in 2014, the French classical building provides with exceptional facilities and serves as the International University Center for Research.

LE STUDIUM’s values and principles maintain a dynamic outwards-looking international scientific community that promotes international interdisciplinary and intersectoral research approaches. The inherent multidisciplinary nature of the institute, its splendid location and facilities and its stimulating environment offer a unique space for intellectual and scientific exchanges where knowledge sharing and research projects participate to the understanding of the world and its transformations and address societal challenges.

LE STUDIUM Loire Valley Institute for Advanced Studies offers international invited research fellows and professors an intellectual and human space favouring interdisciplinary exchanges and debates, offering science a human dimension and creating a path for inspired research. It is guided by the three necessary conditions required for a creative activity, namely Curiosity, Imagination and Intuition.