LE STUDIUM programmes has conceived and plans the organisation of international networking events and actions (international research conference, workshop, seminar, experts days, summer school, scientific delegation visit, etc…). They are specifically designed to spread knowledge, increase scientific exchanges and build an international scientific community in close relations with researchers in the Centre-Val de Loire region. Over sixty scientific events are organised annually by the researchers and LE STUDIUM partners. Since the Covid-19 related sanitary crisis, the institute now offers digital versions of these events and special webinars.

  • LE STUDIUM THURSDAYS: one afternoon cross-disciplinary seminar taking place every first Thursday of the month, gathering the research fellows and professors in residence, their laboratory hosts and guests from the scientific, industrial and institutional sectors around scientific presentations with a time for discussions and informal interactions.
  • LE STUDIUM CONFERENCES: two to three days scientific colloquium gathering researchers from all over the world, around the thematic of LE STUDIUM research fellows.
  • LE STUDIUM WORKSHOPS: one to four days workgroup gathering experts sharing a common objective such as structuring research projects, building a partnership, discussing a line of research or transferring knowledge and technologies...
  • LE STUDIUM EXPERTS DAYS: organised visits of international senior experts in a specific discipline with targeted meetings and interactions (researchers, industries, policy makers, students.
  • LE STUDIUM SUMMER SCHOOLS: one to two weeks training organised in partnership with regional laboratories with interaction with one or more fellows or invited researchers for a targeted public (PhD students, postdoctoral fellows…).
  • LE STUDIUM WEBINARS: one or two days of presentations by selected orators on critical scientific developments, remarkable discoveries or studies, societal issues.
  • LEONARDO RENCONTRES: general public conferences aiming at highlighting and discussing the challenges of research, including those linked to the socio-economic world.
  • LE STUDIUM LECTURES: general public conferences aiming to spread vulgarised scientific knowledge.