LE STUDIUM is registered as an association under the French Law of Associations of 1901, founded on 1 January 1996. Its current President is Dr Yves-Michel Ginot, biophysicist and founding member of the institute, former Director of the Pharmaceuticals innovation department at Servier Group.

The purpose of the Loire Valley Institute for Advanced Studies is “to encourage and organise, around scientific projects and public and private research programmes the recruitment and the high-quality welcome of experienced international researchers in the Centre-Val de Loire region; it aims to inspire the emergence of ideas, new concepts and the development of scientific interfaces between research actors in Europe and internationally.”

LE STUDIUM Articles of Association


LE STUDIUM Loire Valley Institute for Advanced Studies counts three categories of members and partners that form its General Assembly of Members:

  • The regional higher education institutions 
  • Poles of competitiveness and clusters and industries representatives
  • Personalities of the research, academic and socio-economic world 

The institute maintains strong relationships with all these members and partners where international fellows spend their residency time in the region. They are also close collaborators across many research programmes initiated in the region. 

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The Board of the institute counts 25 seats to ensure a good representation of all members in decisive meetings.

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Orientation Committee. Aside from the General Assembly of Members and the Board, the institute operates under the recommendation of a steering committee. The Orientation Committee gathers eight board members and representatives of the State (Rector of the Academy and Regional delegate for research and technology), the representatives of local authorities (Centre-Val de  Loire Regional Council and Orléans Metropole) and representatives of LE STUDIUM funders and contributors. It is headed by the Centre-Val de Loire Vice-president for higher education, research and innovation, provides strategic guidance, and participates in the evaluation of the institute activities. 

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