Advanced Technology Higher Education Network Alliance – the ATHENA European University is a federation of mid-size higher education institutions in nine European countries (Portugal, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia and Spain). It draws on their combined strengths to reach a common objective: deliver high-quality education with a positive impact on research, youth employability and social advancement at the national and European levels.

The launch of joint research and educational projects enhance synergies between the member universities and stakeholders, foster research quality and impact, boost the competitiveness of the submitted proposals, attract funds to support its programmes and fully leverage the network’s infrastructure and scientific potential.

The introduction of joint multidisciplinary modules and curricula, supported by blended and actual mobility schemes, aim to break down any possible scientific and cultural barriers to mobility. The key objective is to deliver inclusive, innovative, high-quality international education permanently aligned with global market needs.


Beyond supporting the international mobility of researchers, the LE STUDIUM / ATHENA VISITING RESEARCHER Programme aims to explore and/or strengthen the existing scientific links between the research laboratories of the University of Orléans and laboratories based in partner universities of the ATHENA alliance.

This programme targets experienced international who adhere to LE STUDIUM values that help to create a dynamic outwards-looking international scientific community that promotes international, multi- or interdisciplinary and intersectoral research approaches. The awards’ package creates conditions that catalyse the development of scientific and human interactions between the laboratories of the different partner universities to strengthen research & development and educational schemes pursued in the ATHENA European University Programme.

Calls for applications are open to all research themes for international researchers, working in a university of the ATHENA consortium and wishing to join a research laboratory at the University of Orléans. While applications with a link to ATHENA’s thematic focus (digital transformation) are particularly encouraged, all projects will be given equal consideration according to their scientific merit.