Ambition, Research & Development Programmes (ARD CVL)

The long-term socio-economic development of the Centre-Val de Loire region, in a period of economic fragility or transition, depends on the strength and growth of quality research, development and innovation. Starting in 2013, the regional council has initiated a series of smart specialisation programmes, to implement the European Smart Specialisation Strategy. They aim to create excellence centres of international scale, stimulate innovation, job creation and socioeconomic development in the territory and target strategic domains to foster the enlargement of first-class poles to enhance research and innovation activity in the region.

LE STUDIUM Loire Valley Institute for Advanced Studies stands as an official partner within these regional ARD 2020 and ARD CVL programmes. It leads on the internationalisation actions by providing expertise and services to recruit international high-level scientists, to organise actions and events to boost international scientific exchanges and collaborations, to explore new international partnerships, and to valorise research works carried out in the region.

The Ambition Research & Development Programmes