Nanomédicaments et Nanosondes

Laboratoire de Chimie Analytique
31 avenue Monge
Tours 37200

Igor Chourpa

Our research activities revolve around two axes: (i) the Nanomedicine axis concerns the development and study of nanosystems for the vectorization of anticancer or cosmetic active ingredients (nanomedicine) and for imaging / diagnostics (nanoprobes); (ii) the bio-analytical / diagnostic technology axis concerns the development of methodologies based on optical spectroscopies (IR, Raman, surface-enhanced Raman, fluorescence) and separation methods (HPLC, CE).

Research topics:

  • Nanomedicine
  • Bio-analytical/diagnostic technology

Equipment and technology:

  • Laser scanning confocal Raman/fluorescence microspectrometer LabRam (Horiba). Available excitation wavelengths: 491, 633, 690 and 785 nm.
  • Laser scanning confocal Raman/fluorescence microspectrometer WiTec (LOT QUANTUMDESIGN). Available excitation wavelengths: 532, 633 and 785 nm.
  • Micromanipulator Eppendorf InjectMan, injector Eppendorf FemtoJet.
  • Capillary electrophoresis Beckman Coulter P / ACE MDQ, equipped with a diode array detector and a laser-induced fluorescence detector (488 nm).
  • U-HPLC chromatography Dionex Ultimate 3000.
  • Gas Chromatography (HP 5890).
  • Granulometers / zetameters 1) Malvern HPPS (High Performance Particle Sizer), 2) Malvern NanoZ, and 3) Malvern NanoZS.
  • IR-TF spectrophotometers 1) Bruker Vector 22 and 2) Perkin Elmer Spectrum 100.
  • UV-visible spectrophotometer Thermo Genesys 10S.
  • Spectrofluorimeters: 1) Hitachi F4500 and 2) Edinburgh Instruments FS5.
  • Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer Thermo (flame only).
  • Imager Vilber Lourmat, Fusion-Solo.6S.WL.
  • Thermostatic reactor with IKA emulsifier for the development of pasty products
  • 3 Fume cupboards equipped for organic synthesis
  • Cell and tissue culture equipment.


Université de Tours