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Interactions Culturelles et Discursives

3 rue des Tanneurs
BP 4103
Tours 37041

Elisabeth Gavoille
Scientific Field

The interdisciplinary research group ICD (EA 6297) allows the collaboration of academics working in the Letters, Languages, Human Sciences sector: English, German, Spanish, Italian, Latin, French and comparative literature, performing arts, musicology and philosophy.

Its programme for 2018-2023 is organised along three axes:

  • Culture and politics, colonial and postcolonial studies
  • Writing and other discursive practices (literature, music, theatre, performing arts)
  • Identities and gender discourses, representation of the body, and environmental humanities.

Research topics: 

Culture and politics, colonial and postcolonial studies, democracy and federalism, liberalism and neoliberalism, freedom and censorship, analysis of discourse (of a political, literary and artistic nature), translations, constructions of identity, gender studies, representations of the body and relationship between human being and nature.

Skills and know-how:

  • Cultural history of the ancient (Greek and Roman), modern and contemporary worlds (in a French-, English-, German-, Spanish- and Italian-speaking context)
  • Literature and the analysis of discourse (press, politics, philosophy)
  • Analysis of musical, iconographic and filmic discourses
  • Gender studies and studies pertaining to identity
  • Humanity and nature
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