Prof. Sébastien Drouin

French Institutes for Advanced Study (FIAS)
Scientific Field
January, 2024 - April, 2024
April, 2024 - December, 2024
LE STUDIUM Fellowship


University of Toronto - CA

In residence at

POuvoirs, LEttres, Normes (POLEN)  / University of Orléans - FR

Host scientist

Prof. Marion Brétéché


Sébastien Drouin earned his Ph.D. in French literature and Early Modern history from the Université Laval and the Université de Versailles /Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines. He is a specialist in 18th-century French literature and an Early modern French literature historian. He is researching Early Modern journalism, heterodoxies and intellectual networks. His current project deals with the book trade between Holland and France in the early 18th century.


The circulation of Literary News and Forbidden Books Between Paris and The Hague (1710-1725)

I want to study the circulation of books and news sent from France to Holland, as well as the circulation of the same documents from Holland to France. Having extensively studied the circulation of books and information between England and the Netherlands, this project is a natural continuation of my research on book history, on the one hand, and literary and intellectual history on the other.

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