AGENDA Doctoral Schools


📅 Date  🎤 Speaker Title 🎓 Thematic 💒 Location
12/01/2023 Dr Cynthia Gabbay (REMELICE)

Jewish Translation in the Era of Epistemicide and Linguicide

Human and Social Sciences Hôtel Dupanloup, Orléans

Prof. Livio Casarini  (PRC)

Prof. Stephen Foster (IRBI)

Life & Health Sciences IRBI, Tours

Dr Michal Korenko (CEMHTI)

Dr Alberto José Fernández Carrión (CEMHTI)

Prof. Robert Marshall (LPC2E)




Materials and Energy sciences

Earth, Ecology and Environmental sciences

Virtual meeting

Prof. Jill Heathcock (iBrain)

Dr Alberto Campagnolo (CESR)


🔸   Early Assessment and Rehabilitation for Neurodevelopmental Disabilities

🔸   Coding the Codex. Digital Codicology and the Digitization of the Materiality of Books

Life & Health Sciences

Human and Social Sciences

Campus des 2 Lions, Tours

Prof. Britta Thörle (LLL)

Prof. Maya Boutaghou (POLEN)

🔸  Attitudes and language use of international students during their stay in Orléans

🔸 Alternative forms of historical writings

Human and Social Sciences Hôtel Dupanloup, Orléans

Dr Mahenina Jaovita Manase (ISP)

Dr Patricia Silva Gôlo (ICOA)

🔸 Potential of natural products in cosmetics: Sourcing, Analytical chemistry and Biological assays

🔸 Entomopathogenic fungi: the enemies of my enemies

Life & Health Sciences Hôtel de Ville de Tours
07/09/2023 Prof. Rudi Klanjšek (REMELICE) 🔸 Housing issues and health among youth - a (pilot) case from Slovenia Human and Social Sciences Hôtel Groslot, Orléans

Dr Félix Iglesias Vázquez (PRISME)

Prof. Neil Sturchio (BRGM)


🔸 Data Integration Engineering for boosting Digital Twins AI

🔸 From The Stratosphere to the Rhizosphere: a Case Study in Environmental Isotope Forensics

Computer science, Mathematics and Mathematical physics : Earth, Ecology and Environmental sciences

Hôtel Dupanloup, Orléans


📅 Date  🎤 Speaker Title                                                                                                                                          🎓 Thematic                                    💒 Location          
10/05/2023 Prof. Anne-Marie Turcan-Verkerk

Un témoin muet et pourtant si éloquent : le manuscrit médiéval

Human and Social Sciences CESR, Tours
27/09/2023 David Demergès Agir pour la conservation des papillons, c'est encore possible ! Earth, Ecology and Environmental sciences MOBE, Orléans
04/10/2023 Dr Michael Pitcher & Dr Mathieu Allix Des matériaux pour l’avenir : Nouvelles (vitro-)céramiques Materials and Energy sciences Hôtel Dupanloup, Orléans
13/11/2023 Dr Gilles Bransbourg Politique de la monnaie et inflation dans l’Empire romain Materials and Energy sciences Hôtel Dupanloup, Orléans