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Centre Tourangeau d’Histoire et d’études des Sources

3 rue des Tanneurs, bureau 316
BP 4103
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Natacha Lubtchansky
Scientific Field

The CeTHiS is a research centre in historical sciences studying literary, archivistic and material sources on a timescale spanning from Antiquity (France, Greece, Italy) to Contemporary History (European countries). It focuses on three main topics:

  • Towns and urban dynamics: urban limits and spatial landmarks and how do populations fit in these specific urban spaces.
  • Writing and reinterpreting historical objects: economical representations, modern “myths”, and social and cultural imaginaries produced in particular by languages and gender.
  • Corpora and methods: editing sources, building of corpora, and interpreting these sources and corpora.

Research topics:  Urban history, Economic history, Cultural history


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