Education – Ethique - Santé

Laboratoire EA7505
2 boulevard Tonnellé
Tours 37044

Emmanuel Rusch

EES is a resolutely multidisciplinary team, which brings together researchers in Education and Training Sciences (70th section), Health (Public Health, Epidemiology and General Medicine) and Philosophy. She is interested in the conditions of «acting together», «taking care», «making decisions». She studies the health and training paths, the support of collectives and people. It brings together 11 teacher-researchers and welcomes nearly 25 doctoral students.

Skills and know-how:

  • Multidisciplinary skills in health / education / philosophy
  • Ability to analyze situations and pathways in health, education and training
  • Ability to act with multiple actors, within the framework of action-research or social, educational or training interventions
  • Mastery of qualitative research tools, including life stories, storytelling, and mastery of quantitative research tools including epidemiology and micro-economics
  • Ability to take into account the experience, agility and empowerment of patients, professionals or individuals.
  • Reflexive skills on educational or formative dimensions and ability to have this reflexivity developed by actors in the fields of health, education or training. 

Equipment and technology:

Data analysis tools: health data warehouses, statistical tools (SAS), economic analysis tools (Tree Age), textual analysis tools (Alceste).


Université de Tours