GéoHydrosystèmes continentaux

UFR Sciences et Techniques - Secrétariat du Géosciences-Environnement
Parc de Grandmont
Tours 37200

Cécile Grosbois

The research team “Continental Geohydrosys­tems” focuses on the quantification and modelling of water, particle and contaminant transfers at a wa­tershed scale. One of the specificities of this team is the field-model coupling with the development of 1- a fully-equipped field observatory in an agricultural catchment for the quantification of particle flows, phos­phorus and erosion control factors and 2- a 4 m long dam-break hydraulic channel to model small-scaled and complex geophysical mass flows and particle transport (flash floods, natural hazards,…).

Research topics :

  • Geosciences
  • Environment

Equipment and technology :

In the field

  • Coring platform
  • Coring devises
  • Equipped field stations with facilities for water in soils, rivers, and tiles


  • Bartington – magnetic susceptibility
  • Malvern – Master sizer 3000
  • Minolta – spectrocolorimetry
  • Retsch – horizontal vibratory 3D sieve shaker
  • Anton Paar - rheometer


  • Metrohm – Ionic chromatography
  • Metrohm - Polarography
  • Shimadzu – C-N elemental liquid analyser
  • Shimadzu – UV-VIS spectrometry


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