ATHENA Visiting Researcher Programme



For the AVR campaign 2022, LE STUDIUM offers partnering awards in a host laboratory at the University of Orléans with mutual obligations between the research fellow in residence, the host laboratory and LE STUDIUM. Beyond supporting the international mobility of researchers, the programme aims to strengthen the scientific links between the laboratories of the University of Orléans and laboratories based in partner universities of the ATHENA alliance.

This programme targets experienced international researchers who have to embody, in their profile, the key words that capture the research values of LE STUDIUM: Curiosity, Imagination and Intuition. These values help to create a dynamic outwards-looking international scientific community that recognises the benefits of international, multi- or interdisciplinary and interserctoral research approaches. The awards’ package creates conditions that catalyse the development of scientific and human interactions between the laboratories of the different partner universities to strengthen research & development and educational schemes pursued in the ATHENA European University Programme.


This call for applications does not target specific research themes. While applications with a link to ATHENA’s thematic focus (digital transformation) are particularly encouraged, all projects will be given equal consideration according to their scientific merit. The programme is open to experienced international researchers, working in a university of the ATHENA consortium, in all disciplines (except research directly linked to military applications) wishing to join a research laboratory at the University of Orléans[1].

LE STUDIUM VISITING RESEARCHER award targets experienced international researchers having and keeping a salary in their home institution and willing to join a laboratory in Centre-Val de Loire region for a scientific residency for a period of 3 to 12 months. This programme supports the welcoming and residence in the region and the integration into the LE STUDIUM scientific community.

This programme supports the installation of the visiting researcher and his/her family in Orléans (accommodation, logistics, and administrative support).





Award’s Benefits

Date of residency

Visiting Researcher

2 to 12 consecutive months

Experienced international researcher

- Furnished accommodation in a high-standard apartment, near the Loire river in the city center or Orléans

- Administrative support

- International scientific events

- Integration into the Le Studium scientific community

Earliest starting date: June 2022


Latest ending date : September 2023


[1] In order to identify a host laboratory at the University of Orléans, experienced international researchers interested in LE STUDIUM opportunities are invited to contact LE STUDIUM 


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