Congregatio mundi Today: New Perspectives on Guillaume Postel (1510-1581)

Primerjalna književnost (Ljubljana), 2018, 41


This paper aims to reflect on the perspectives of a critical return to certain aspects of the Postelian heritage, while in the recent decades the figure of this heterodox Renaissance thinker has been downgraded from fascinating to merely secondary. Indeed, his equation between intercultural communication and universal concordia remains generally valid to the present day, even for those who do not share his Adamitic and cabbalistic conceptions of language. On the other hand, his concept of congregator mundi appears as a valuable starting point for the discussion on the role and prerogatives of the intellectual as a mediator between human societies and the transcendent sphere. One may compare it with the recent thought of Giorgio Agamben, re-collocating the intellectual and the cultural critic in the line of the monotheistic prophets.


Guillaume Postel
Universal restitution
Academic language
Giorgio Agamben
Published by

Primerjalna književnost (Ljubljana)