French - Italian workshop on cosmetosciences

February 26, 2024 - 14 h 00 / 16 h 00
 Virtual meeting


To enable the European cosmetics ecosystem to consolidate its position as world leader in this highly competitive market, the Centre-Val de Loire Region and the Lombardy Region have supported the creation of a European cosmetics network, Go4cosmetics, as part of their regional smart specialisation strategy (S3). Focused on capitalising on the cosmetics sector value chain, this platform generates new interactions between European players in the cosmetics industry, as well as encouraging investment and new research and development projects.

Cosmetosciences is an R&D programme bringing together in the Centre Val de Loire region the laboratories that are developping research and innovation in cosmetic. Since 2015, the programme has been working in partnership with Le Studium to develop international collaborations between researchers.

The upcoming Franco-Italian online workshop on cosmetics research aims to promote collaboration between Italian and French researchers, providing a unique opportunity for experts in the field to share insights, exchange ideas and explore potential avenues for joint research projects.

Agenda Highlights

During the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to present:


Each participant will briefly present their laboratory and showcase their main equipment, providing an overview of their research infrastructure.


Researchers will delve into their specific areas of expertise, offering a comprehensive understanding of their skills

Cosmeto Research Projects

Participants will highlight their research projects in cosmetics that exemplify the depth and breadth of their work.

Collaboration Opportunities

Researchers will outline their interests and preferred subjects for potential collaborations. This segment aims to identify common ground and foster partnerships between the Lombardy and Centre-Val de Loire researchers.


This international workshop is organised in the framework of the COSMETOSCIENCES ARD CVL Programme.

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