Dynamics in solid-state - towards more efficient solid-state electrolytes for energy conversion applications.

March 02, 2023

1 Rue Dupanloup
45000 Orléans


Ceramics have been employed since prehistory and nowadays are widely recognized for their ornamental use. But their interest goes much further, being also key components in several technological applications such as communication systems, refractory and energy conversion devices. One could consider ceramics as more or less boring solid pieces, but at molecular level they can exhibit rich and interesting dynamics as is the case for solid-state electrolytes (SSE). SSE are ceramic materials in which exist fast movement of ions (e.g. sodium and lithium cations or oxygen anions) that can be used in batteries and solid oxide fuel cells. At molecular scale, the ion migration dynamics are highly correlated with the crystal structure and how the ion migration is dynamically accommodated. In addition, the SSE processing could also play a crucial role. The presentation aims at reviewing the state of the art of SSE and explain an interesting approach for achieving novel ion conductors with optimized ionic conductivity: crystallization from glasses.


Dr Alberto José Fernández Carrión

LE STUDIUM Visiting Researcher 

FROM: Guilin University of Technology - CN 
IN RESIDENCE AT: Extreme Conditions and Materials: High Temperature and Irradiation (CEMHTI) / CNRS - FR