Brazil x France scientific partnership opportunities and alternative strategies for arthropod pest control

September 13, 2023 - September 14, 2023
 Virtual meeting


Changing human society ethics concerning the environment, the productivity of crops and livestock, food stocks, and humans and other animals' health, place arthropods in the cross path between harmful pests (crop voracity and zoonotic potential) and beneficial organisms at the base of the food chain.

The great interest in the study of arthropod pests and their control with alternative methods arises from the high negative impact of the current control methods on all parts of the One Health concept. This virtual conference intends to bring at least seven different speakers from Brazil and France that will cover their personal experiences, funding programs that support scientific collaboration between these countries, and the most critical topics about alternative methods of control of agricultural and veterinary arthropod pests.

The scientific scope of this event includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • International scientific collaborations,
  • Funding agencies that support Brazil x France scientific partnership,
  • Bioinputs,
  • Entomopathogenic fungal-arthropod host interactions;
  • Host-pathogen chemical interactions;
  • Reverse chemical ecology applications;
  • Drug resistance.

The main stakeholders of this event’s proposal are researchers working in life sciences, specifically in agronomic and veterinary subjects, undergraduate and graduate students, and animal health and agronomy industries.

Key words: 

Scientific collaborations, international partnership, Brazil, France, scientific internship, Biological control, insect behaviour, insect physiology, ticks, entomopathogenic fungi, odors, chemosensation, plant extract, bioinputs





Partners of the event