Dr Carmen Díaz Orozco

Scientific Field: 
July, 2018 to July, 2019

LE STUDIUM / Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research Fellow


University of the Andes - VE

In residence at

RÉMÉLICE (RÉceptions et MÉdiations de LIttératures et de Cultures Étrangères et comparées) / University of Orléans - FR

Host scientist

Dr Brigitte Natanson


Participation of women and nations under construction in Latin America in the nineteenth century: the commitment of Mariquita Sánchez and Juana Manso in education in Argentina

As part of the project "Participation Feminine and Nations in Construction in Latin America of the Nineteenth Century" carried by the Remélice laboratory of the University of Orleans, the research that I lead today intends to analyze the educational project of the Argentineans Mariquita Sánchez (Buenos Aires, 1786-1868) and Juana Manso (Buenos Aires, 1819-1875), two outstanding intellectuals of the nineteenth century, who played a key role in the formation and development of women's school education in their country. These two women contributed to the establishment of a free and compulsory education and, in the case of Juana Manso, a secular and mixed education. It was to defend the notion of inalienable right for all layers of the social body as a whole, according to the principles of the emerging nation, at a time - the first half of the nineteenth century - when female education was the privilege of an extremely small group of society. The purpose of this project is, in particular, to select, compile and translate the writings of these two intellectuals, in two separate volumes, the establishment of a critical edition of their complete works, as well as the creation of a website bilingual, able to offer French-speaking public interested in the nineteenth Latin American, access to first-hand and valuable materials, inaccessible to this day in the French academic world. The relations between these new materials and their context will be approached according to the theory of intertextuality proposed by Mikhail Bakhtin and reformulated by Gerard Genette; this theoretical approach will shed light on the system of passions and phobias that the controversial personalities of Sánchez and Manso, their literary production and their actions, aroused in the cultural life of their time. 

Events organised by this fellow

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