Monday 9th November to Monday 8th February 2016 (17:00 – CET Paris time)

This programme has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No 665790.


Created in 1996, inspired by the Loire Valley historical, geographical and human cultures, the objective of LE STUDIUM is to create a dynamic outwards-looking international scientific community in region Centre-Val de Loire connecting its public and private research institutions.

One of its principal missions is to attract experienced international researchers to the laboratories and industries of region Centre-Val de Loire. To date, more than 150 researchers from 40 countries have been welcomed in the region by LE STUDIUM.

LE STUDIUM leads scientific animation in order to favor cross-disciplinary exchanges with regional and international scientific communities to build the human capital for research, development and innovation.

Since 2010, LE STUDIUM is internationally recognised as the « Loire Valley Institute for Advanced Studies ». LE STUDIUM IAS is a unique structure in France and its activities are evolving in resonance with European and international developments.

LE STUDIUM Loire Valley Institute for Advanced Studies, operating in region Centre-Val de Loire of France, has as its members the University of Orléans, University François-Rabelais Tours, INSA Centre Val de Loire, Superior School for Art and Design in Orléans (ESAD), national research institutions including BRGM, CEA, CNRS, INRA, INSERM, IRSTEA and Poles of competitiveness. In total, more than fifty teams from laboratories in member structures work with LE STUDIUM.

LE STUDIUM welcomes in region Centre-Val de Loire senior international researchers, typically for a one year residence. For the next campaign, a call for applications will open on the 9th November 2015 and close on the 8th February 2016. All international public and private senior researchers are invited to submit applications to one of the awards outlined below.

To be eligible, applicant researchers must be national or long-term resident of a country other than France. Long-term residents are researchers who spent a period of full-time research activity of at least 5 consecutive years (without breaks in research) in a country other than France.

In addition applicant researchers must also comply with the following mobility rule: applicants must not have resided or carried out their main activity (work, etc.) in France for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately prior to the deadline for submission of proposals. Compulsory national service and/or short stays such as holidays are not taken into account.

For the period 2015-2020, LE STUDIUM holds an award from the European Commission in the framework of the Marie-Skłodowska Curie Actions (MSCA) with the programme MSCA-COFUND (Co-Funding of regional, national and international programmes) for the mobility of experienced international researchers. In comparison with the previous years, this additional funding will significantly increases the number of LE STUDIUM fellowships awarded each year.



LE STUDIUM RESEARCH PROFESSORSHIP is intended to attract an outstanding international researcher for a cumulative 12 month period with residence in region Centre-Val de Loire for three month each year for four consecutive years. This award is open from September 2016.

The explicit objective of the Professorship is that after 4 years the output should consist of visible outcomes for the host laboratory teams or a number of laboratories. The outcomes should be related to research and teaching activities at a high level. Therefore, the proposal involving several laboratories including private laboratories and/or several teams within one laboratory (eg three teams belonging to the same laboratory or two different laboratories), should define a unique mission. The duties of LE STUDIUM PROFESSORSHIP holder should be of common interest for the development of the laboratories, teams or enterprise involved and should have an international dimension. Its achievement at the end of the Professorship should consist of a significant, measurable and sustainable evolution of the research activity of the award holder, the laboratories, the teams or enterprise involved.


  • introduction of a new research activity complementary to those of the teams involved in the project,
  • contribute to the organization of an emerging domain of research and teaching,
  • contribute to the organization of an international laboratory,
  • contribute to the organization of a set of conferences, workshops or summer schools with a unifying goal.

The host scientist must belong to one of the laboratories in region Centre-Val de Loire.



  • 12 months residency to lead a collaborative research project,
  • integration in the international research community in region Centre-Val de Loire,
  • opportunity to be involved in the scientific animation led by LE STUDIUM to favour transdisciplinary exchanges,
  • create a long lasting link between the international researcher and his/her host laboratory.

LE STUDIUM RESEARCH FELLOWSHIP is designed to attract competitive experienced international researchers for at least one year. An average of twelve positions are available each year. Experienced international researchers are eligible to submit an application after having negotiated their acceptance to a host laboratory and/or host enterprise.



LE STUDIUM RESEARCH CONSORTIUM is a project that includes four international and one French researcher or one research team belonging to the region Centre-Val de Loire. The consortium host should be either the French scientist or the enterprise (or network of enterprises) belonging to region Centre-Val de Loire or a former LE STUDIUM RESEARCH FELLOW.

LE STUDIUM provides the financial support to allow this team of 5 researchers to meet twice a year in region Centre-Val de Loire for 2 years. The duration of each working meeting is five consecutive days. Additional partners are permitted if they are supported by other financial sources, which should be mentioned in the application. In order to facilitate the relations of the consortium with LE STUDIUM, its Scientific Director or delegate participates in the opening and concluding sessions of each one-week meeting.

LE STUDIUM RESEARCH CONSORTIUM program offers the opportunity to create a team of up to five internationally competitive senior researchers, public or private, sharing a common and clearly identified research objective. Created for up to two years it must provide an intermediate report at the end of the first year explaining the outcomes, to date, of the project in the context of the original proposal and outline the plan of the second year.


  • create a team of up to five internationally competitive senior researchers, public or private, sharing a clearly identified research objective and goals,
  • reach a common goal like organize a big international conference, build a H2020 application, write a book chapter, etcetera.
  • better understand the expertise of each partner and their research team in order to build collaborative research projects.

Evaluation of APPLICATIONS

Three internationally benchmarked criteria have been defined:

  1. Scientific Quality (50%) – This includes the clarity of the stated research objectives, the strengths and weaknesses of the proposed research project, feasibility, risk management and compliance with the ethical principles of H2020.
  1. Significance and/or Innovation (25%) – This includes the demonstrated skill and ability of the researcher to increase with her/his proposal; knowledge, the application of new ideas, procedures, technologies, programmes or policy settings to important topics that will impact the proposed field of study and contribute to the regional Research and Technological Development (RTD) and European Research Area (ERA) strategies.
  1. Track Record (25%) – The track record evaluates whether the applicant’s previous research activities demonstrate her/his capacity to achieve the proposed scientific objectives. This includes the applicants’ ability to contribute to the research especially in terms of having the appropriate mix of research skills and experience, to work with research teams and enterprise partners. Experience of inter-sectorial and/or transnational mobility, as well as experience of working in multidisciplinary teams, management experience and team building experience, experience of transfer of technology and training will also be considered.

After an administrative check by LE STUDIUM, proposals are sent to external expert reviewers before being considered by LE STUDIUM Scientific Council who independently review and recommend projects for funding. The applicant will be informed of the decision of LE STUDIUM Scientific Council before the end of July 2016.


LE STUDIUM researcher, the host scientist and his research team are to participate in the scientific life of LE STUDIUM international research faculty, in particular by attending the monthly LE STUDIUM THURSDAY interdisciplinary meeting and by organizing a two day LE STUDIUM CONFERENCE, with the logistic support and partial financial support of LE STUDIUM, during the time of the residency in region Centre-Val de Loire.

At the end of the project, LE STUDIUM researcher is asked to produce a final report explaining the outcomes of the project in the context of the original proposal. This report will be accessible on LE STUDIUM website but will also be made publicly available and circulated to interested parties.


The campaign 2016-2017 will be open from 9th of November 2015 until 8th of February 2016 (17:00 – CET Paris time).

Following the launch of the campaign, applicants are invited to go to the LE STUDIUM website and register online. This registration will enable the download the full guidelines of the different awards and access to the online, submission web location.


TIMEline for an application


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