Professor, Biophysics, Research Director-CNRS

     Laboratory of Physical Chemistry at the University of Paris-Sud, FR

    Research Interests: Biochemistry, Chemistry, Electron Transfer, Proteins,
    Liposomes, Hydrogen Bonding, Quantum Chemistry,
    Reactive Oxygen Species, Enzymes


Laura Baciou is Research Director at the French National Scientific Research Center (CNRS) at the Institut de Chimie Physique (ICP UMR8000) of the University Paris-Saclay (Orsay, France). After a post-doctoral research in the lab of Prof. H. Michel at Max-Planck Institut für Biophysik (Frankfurt/Main, Germany), she has been CNRS researcher at the Centre de Génétique Moléculaire (Gif/Yvette, France), then, at the ICP in Orsay, where she was responsible for the strategic leadership and operational management of the Biophysics Department until 2021. Her research interest is to coordinate and develop biomolecular engineering, biochemical and biophysical analysis to examine structure, function and regulation of redox proteins (electron transferring proteins) using biochemical and biological approaches for (membrane and soluble) protein and biophysical study (spectroscopy). She has major interests in enzymes involved in innate immunity, microbial defense and oxidative stress.