Vice-Chair, Fellow of the British Academy

     Professor in Renaissance and seventeenth century studies,

     University of Leicester, UK

     Research Interests: Renaissance & seventeenth century English literature,
    ancient & modern European literatures; cultural history, especially art, architecture,
    garden history, legal history & Biblical studies, the contemporary Islamic world


Gordon Campbell is Emeritus Professor of Renaissance Studies at University of Leicester. He is a Scot by descent, a Londoner by birth, a Canadian by upbringing, an Englishman by residence and a European by conviction. He previously taught at University of Liverpool and Aarhus University. He took his BA and MA in Canada, and his two doctorates (DPhil and DLitt) at University of York in England. He has also been awarded two honorary doctorates, and is a Fellow of the British Academy and a Member of Academia Europaea. He is a Renaissance and seventeenth-century specialist with particular interests in John Milton and in the history of the Bible. Broader interests in cultural history on which he publishes include art, architecture, classical antiquity, ecclesiastical history, garden history, legal history, historical theology, and the Nordic world. In all he has published 29 books, 100+ articles and chapters, and c. 6000 entries in reference books; he also edited Oxford journals (notably Renaissance Studies) for 25 years. He has made academic or professional visits to more than 70 countries, and private visits that have provided material for subsequent research to more than 30 additional countries and territories, on all seven continents.