(Not)available counselling actions in the migrant and refugee environment in France, Poland and Australia

February 06, 2024
 Virtual meeting


This seminar is focused on the institutional availability, partial availability or the absence of practices, actions, counselling relations and other forms of support addressing refugees and migrants, as well as on the practices constructed nonformally by them (rooted in daily life). By comparing and demonstrating the specifics of international and transnational counselling and other forms of support, particularly in France, Poland and Australia, we will refer to those helping social actions that are initiated by migrants and refugees, and we will understand the meanings ascribed to these actions. We will answer questions such as, how these migrants and refugees evaluate these practices, what counselling and other helping networks they build, what changes take place in these networks, what is the counsellors'  and helper`s place in these networks and who they are. 

This Workshop is organised in the framework of the FIAS Programme.





Tuesday 6th February 2024 - Paris Time (GMT +1)

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