Prof. Yiming Chen

Smart Loire Valley Programme
April, 2016 to July, 2016
April, 2017 to July, 2017
April, 2018 to July, 2018
March, 2019 to June, 2019


Yanshan University - CN

In residence at

PRISME / INSA Centre Val de Loire, University of Orléans - FR

Host scientist

Prof. Driss Boutat


Observer Design for Distributed-Parameter Systems and Fractional Order Systems

The objective of the proposed project is to strengthen the research and teaching of the laboratories of PRISME, LMR, U930 INSERM and INSA Centre Val de Loire (CVL) in the region Centre, and to create the link among these laboratories, INSA CVL and Yanshan University. In this project, two series of courses on partial differential equations and fractional calculus will be provided in English by Prof. Chen for the students and for the researchers in the form of seminar in the universities and laboratories in the region Centre. These courses will be organized in INSA CVL every year during the visit of Prof. Chen. The proposed research project is on observer design for distributed-parameter systems and fractional order systems, and applications to nonlinear acoustics and viscoelastically damped structures. This is an interdisciplinary research project, where the observer theory will be developed and applied to other fields as a new concept. Four researchers in the region Centre will be involved in the project: Prof. Boutat (the host scientist) and Dr. Liu belonging to the PRISME Laboratory, Dr. Serra and Dr. Dos Santos belonging to the laboratories of LMR and U930 INSERM respectively. Meanwhile, they also belong to INSA CVL, where they will work with Prof. Chen. 

Events organised by this fellow

2019 International Conference on Fractional Calculus Theory and Applications  (ICFCTA 2019)

Articles Published

  • Shifted Legendre polynomials algorithm used for the dynamic analysis of PMMA viscoelastic beam with an improved fractional model

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  • Numerical analysis of fractional viscoelastic column based on shifted Chebyshev wavelet function

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  • Numerical Analysis of Viscoelastic Rotating Beam with Variable Fractional Order Model Using Shifted Bernstein–Legendre Polynomial Collocation Algorithm

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  • Solution of linear fractional partial differential equations based on the operator matrix of fractional Bernstein polynomials and error correction

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  • Shifted-Chebyshev-polynomial-based numerical algorithm for fractional order polymer visco-elastic rotating beam

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  • Numerical Algorithms and Observer Design for Fractional Order Systems

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  • An improved pseudo-state estimator for a class of commensurate fractional order linear systems based on fractional order modulating functions

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