Targeting GPCR to generate life, preserve the environment and improve animal breeding: technological and pharmacological challenges

October 16, 2019 - October 18, 2019

La Villa Rabelais
116 boulevard Béranger
37000 Tours


The conference will start on Wednesday 16th October at 12:30 and end on Friday 18th at noon.

Reproduction is the key event in biology and G protein-coupled receptors (GPCR) are deeply involved therein. Mastering the processes governing animal and human reproduction ensures sustainable animal breading and allows fertility control, infertility therapy and demographic equilibrium. This interdisciplinary workshop analyzes the current challenges around this theme and, bringing the GPCR in the center of the scene, envisions novel pathways not only to optimize reproduction at large but also to reduce the environmental and societal burden of the current technologies.

This international conference is organised in the framework of the ARD 2020 Biopharmaceuticals Programme.



 Targeting GPCR to generate life, preserve the environment and improve animal breeding: technological and pharmacological challenges

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Villa Rabelais : 116 boulevard Béranger, 37000 TOURS

The Villa Rabelais XIXth century building used to host Tours’ Faculty of Law. Recently renovated, this building now hosts the Loire Valley International city of Gastronomy, the European Institute for Food History and Cultures and the Fooding Department of the University of Tours. They all contribute to a rich activities programme offered to a large variety of publics.



Wednesday October 16th 2019

  • 12:30    Welcome lunch & registration
  • 14:30    Official Opening

​Session 1: GPCR in Reproduction: Mechanistic aspects

Chairman Frederic Jean-Alphonse

Thursday October 17th 2019

  • 08:45    Welcome coffee

Session 2: GPCR in Human Reproduction: Challenges and Opportunities

Chairman Manuel Tena-Sempere
  • 09:00    Prof. Stephen Franks - GPCRs in PCOS
  • 09:40    Prof. Juha Tapanainen - Challenges in ovarian ageing
  • 10:20    Prof. Manuela Simoni - Challenges in the treatment of male infertility
  • 11:00    Coffee break

Session 3: New technologies for reproduction

Chairman Pascale Crepieux
  • 11:20    Dr Jan-Bernd Stukenborg - 3D spermatogenesis in vitro
  • 12:00    Prof. Evelyn Telfer - Models to investigate foliculogenesi and oocyte maturation in vitro
  • 12:40    Lunch

Session 4: Animal Reproduction

Chairman Yves Combarnous
  • 13:30    Dr Marc-Antoine Driancourt - Hormone use in animal breeding
  • 14:10    Dr Marie-Christine Maurel - Modulation of gonadotropins activity with potentiating antibodies
  • 14:50    Coffee break

​Session 5: Industry and environment

Chairman Manuela Simoni
  • 15:10    Dr Salvatore Longobardi & Prof. Paolo Netti - Industrial challenges in reproductive drug development
  • 15:50    Dr Paulina Damdimopoulou - Impact of environmental chemicals on female fertility
  • 16:30    Prof. Patrice Rodien - Direct effects of endocrine disruptors on gonadotropin receptors
  • Departure by bus for Vouvray - Visit of the Cave des Producteurs de Vouvray
  • 19:30    Gala dinner at L'Auberge du Croissant - Rochecorbon

Friday October 18th 2019

  • 08:45    Welcome coffee

​Session 6: Societal correlates of reproduction

Chairman Eric Reiter
  • 09:00    Prof. Maurizio Mori - Bioethics aspects of reproduction: challenges and scenarios
  • 09:40    Dr Yann Locatelli - Reproductive technologies for the conservation of wild threatened species
  • 10:20    Coffee break

Session 7: Free communications

Chairman Aylin Hanyaloglu
  • 10:40    Dr Clara Lazzaretti - Aminoacidic residues discriminating human choriogonadotropin (hCG) and luteinizing hormone (LH) binding to the human receptor (LHCGR)
  • 10:55    Dr Elia Paradiso - S1P induces PI3k-dependent CREB phosphorylation uncoupled to steroidogenesis, in human granulosa cells
  • 11:10    Dr Rachel Richardson - Divergent G protein signal control at the very early endosome from the dually coupled luteinizing hormone receptor
  • 11:25    Abigail Walker - Reprogramming prostaglandin EP2 signalling in the pregnant human myometrium from an anti- to a pro-labour receptor via crosstalk with the oxytocin receptor. 

Session 8: GPCR in Reproduction: Signaling aspects

Chairman Livio Casarini
  • 11:40    Dr Eric Reiter - Exploiting biased signaling of GPCR in reproduction
  • 12:20    Dr Frédéric Jean-Alphonse - Endosomal signalling by GPCR: Mechanisms and function
  • 13:00    Conclusions


(Including two lunches, a Wine & Cheese cocktail and the coffee breaks)

Private institutions250 EUR
Public institutions180 EUR
Students & PhD Scholars75 EUR
Social dinner60 EUR

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