Solid State NMR of Metal containing compounds

April 22, 2020 - April 24, 2020

Hôtel Dupanloup
1 rue Dupanloup
45000 Orléans


** This event has been cancelled. Please contact Le Studium for more information. **
The relevance of metals modulating the properties of compounds such as cements, catalyst, drug carriers, metalloproteins, in the developments of energy storage devices…, demands a deep knowledge of the structure and its intra/inter molecular interactions. For this purpouse, solid state nuclear magnetic resonance (ss-NMR) spectroscopy is a useful tool that provides information of metal containing systems but, the challenges that paramagnetic metals represent for ss-NMR spectroscopy requires a foster communication and exchange of the advances on this area. 

In this international conference attendants will find a forum to present, by talks or research posters, their contributions about the applications of ss-NMR on metal containing systems. Biochemistry, drug development, bio inorganic and bio organic chemistry, materials sciences among other applications will be addressed. 

By a two days short course imparted by Prof. Phillip Grandinetti about the “BASICS OF NMR IN PARAMAGNETIC SYSTEMS”, participants and specially students, will have the opportunity to reinforce their knowledge on the application of ss-NMR to paramagnetic metals containing systems.  

The end goal of the conference is to point out and help developing novel approaches and strategies on the study of metal containing compounds. 



Solid State, NMR, structure, paramagnetism, quadrupolar nuclei. 


Hôtel Dupanloup : 1, rue Dupanloup - 45000 ORLEANS - FR

The conference venue is unique. Located right next to the Orléans’ cathedral, the episcopal palace of Orléans, built between 1635 and 1641, locally known as the Hôtel Dupanloup, is a classical French building which served until 1905 of residence to the bishops of Orléans.  Since 2014, the renewed palace hosts the International University Center for Research and Le Studium Loire Valley Institute for Advanced Studies.

Participants will be welcomed in this exceptional surrounding, blending Middle Age and Renaissance cultures with modern design and will have the opportunity to discover French cuisine and wines.



(Including two lunches, a Wine & Cheese cocktail and the coffee breaks)

Private institutions 250 EUR
Public institutions 180 EUR
Students & PhD Scholars 75 EUR
Social dinner 60 EUR

Confirmed speakers

Oral presentations & posters

Abstracts for oral presentation and poster should be submitted before Monday 09th March 2020. Please upload your abstract during the registration or send it before the deadline to

The number of oral presentations is limited, convenors will process a selection and confirm your presentation not later than Friday 13rd March​ 2020.
Please note that we do not print the posters, but racks & pins will be provided for up to A0 sizes, portrait format.

Please download the template for oral presentation.
Please download the template for poster presentation.

Preliminary programme


  • 12:30    Welcome lunch and registration
  • 14:00    Official opening
  • 14:30    Prof. Roderick Wasylishen
  • 15:10    Selected talk 1
  • 15:30    Dr Markus Weingarth - Antibiotics, Ion channels, and Metals
  • 16:10    Selected talk 2
  • 16:30    Coffee break
  • 17:00    Selected talk 3
  • 17:20    Selected talk 4
  • 18:30    Public lecture in French: Prof. Charlotte Martineau-Corcos
  • 20:00    Wine and cheese cocktail - Hôtel Dupanloup


  • 08:45    Welcome coffee
  • 09:00    ssNMR course session 1
  • 10:00    Dr Tobias Schubeis - Reaching into the metal centre of paramagnetic metalloproteins by fast magic-angle spinning NMR
  • 10:40    Coffee break
  • 11:10    Dr Ricardo Manríquez González - Materials Functionalized with ionic moieties and their evaluation by solid state NMR: Zwitterionic celluloses and hybrid materials
  • 11:50    Selected talk 5
  • 12:10    Lunch
  • 14:00    Prof. Jörn Schmedt auf der Günne - Distribution of Paramagnetic Dopants Studied by NMR Visibility
  • 14:40    Prof. Björn Corzilius - Direct and Site-Specific Dynamic Nuclear Polarization with paramagnetic metal ions
  • 15:30    Coffee break
  • 16:00    Presentation of Bruker Corporation (to be confirmed)
  • 16:40    Mai Vuong - In-depth investigation of metal-organic framework nanoparticles using solid-state NMR spectroscopy
  • 17:00    Dr Frédérique Pourpoint - Solid-state NMR of Metal-Organic Frameworks
  • 17:20
  • 18:00    Guided visit of the historical center of Orléans
  • 19:30    Gala dinner


  • 08:45    Welcome coffee
  • 09:00    ssNMR course session 2
  • 10:00    Dr Elodie Salager
  • 10:40    Coffee break
  • 11:10    Pascal Scholzen - Ferromagnetic NMR for the study of cobalt nanowires and nanoparticle assemblies - Perspectives for battery materials
  • 11:30    Selected Talk 9
  • 11:50    Closing

Partners of the event