Innate immunity in a biomineralized context: trade-offs or synergies?

March 23, 2021 - March 24, 2021



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Biomineralized structures can function as a barrier to the external environment, and as such are conceptually entwined with innate immune processes. Disentangling immune and biomineralization mechanisms represents a significant challenge for researchers trying to understand how organisms could integrate biomineral formation and plasticity with maintenance of critical innate immune protection. In fact, there is increasing evidence that immune proteins can serve genuine dual-functional roles, both in regulation of biomineralization, as well as resisting pathogens. This awareness is growing in models as diverse as the dual-functionning haemocytes of marine bivalves, and in mineralization / demineralization of the avian eggshell. Moreover, reef corals, in which calcification is coupled to the photosynthetic activity of their mutualistic symbiots, must adapt their innate immune system to achieve this tolerance. Cnidarian immune-related processes in response to abiotic stresses are increasingly implicated in loss of symbiosis and coral bleaching.

This conference aims to bring together scientists working with diverse models of biomineralization, for an exchange of perspectives on the innate immune function of the calcified barrier and the dual role played by specific genes / proteins in these two critical functions.

Key words

biomineralization; barrier; calcium carbonate; anti-microbial; eggshell; mollusk; bivalve; corals; innate immunity





Confirmed speakers


Tuesday 23rd March 2021 - 13:00 - 18:10 (GMT+1:00 - PARIS)


  • 13:00    Sophie Gabillet (Le Studium Loire Valley Institute for Advanced Studies - France) 
  • 13:20    Prof. Maxwell Hincke & Dr Sophie Réhault-Godbert - Introduction: Dynamics of Structural Barriers and Innate Immune Components

SESSION 1: Overview of innate immunity

SESSION 2: Avian eggs: structure, microbiota and molecules of innate immunity


SESSION 4: Integrative Workshop

Wednesday 24th March 2021 - 13:30 - 16:45 (GMT+1:00 - PARIS)

  • 13:30    Prof. Maxwell Hincke & Dr Sophie Réhault-Godbert - Introduction to the second day

SESSION 5: Theme invertebrates (bivalves, snails)

SESSION 6: Theme corals

  • 15:45     Dr Nikki Traylor-Knowles - Coral eco-immunity in a disease landscape of unknowns
  • 16:05     Dr Jeroen Van de Water - Host-microbe interactions in octocoral holobionts

SESSION 7: Integrative Workshop



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