Exploration of duality, geometry and entanglement
2nd meeting

December 13, 2021 - December 17, 2021

Université de Tours Faculté des Sciences et Techniques
Bâtiment E - Parc Grandmont, Avenue Monge,
37200 Tours




We plan to bring together a small group of experts to discuss and work on recent exciting developments that come from applying information theoretic ideas to quantum mechanics. Indeed, these ideas underlie recent progress in classifying new phases of matter and in building quantum computers. Our focus here is on quantum field theory and gravity, where measures of quantum entanglement have proven their relevance by helping us to understand how black holes store information and how the behavior of quantum field theories depends on the energy and length scales at which measurements are performed. We plan to make progress by focusing on a few key issues. We will examine the connection to quantum field theory in the presence of boundaries and other types of surfaces. We will consider how space-time and geometry themselves may emerge from information theory considerations. We will clarify technical problems in the definition of quantum entanglement in a field theory and gravity setting, for example, ambiguities and divergences in measuring entanglement. We will examine time dependence of entanglement as well as its connection to the AdS/CFT correspondence -- the idea that certain field theories are also secretly theories of gravity. We intend that the workshops funded by LE STUDIUM will provide the seeds for growing a larger European wide network in this fast moving research area.


Monday 13th December 2021

  • 14:00    Johanna Erdmenger - New aspects of applying quantum information concepts to quantum field theory and gravity
  • 16:00    Andy O’Bannon - Holographic Impurities on the Coulomb Branch

Tuesday 14th December 2021

  • 10:00    Clément Berthiere - Entanglement in Lifshitz theories and Entanglement of skeletal regions
  • 14:00    Domenico Seminara - $T\bar{T}$-deformation of  two-dimensional gauge theories revisited
  • 16:00    Andrei Parnachev - HHLL correlators in CFTs and their applications

Wednesday 15th December 2021

  • 10:00    Manuela Kulaxizi - CFT, light-cone correlators and symmetry
  • 14:00    Giuseppe Policastro - Transport in TTbar-deformed CFT

Thursday 16th December 2021

  • 10:00    Costas Bachas - Energy transport across holographic interfaces
  • 14:00    Jan de Boer - Quantum gravity meets statistical physics 
  • 16:00    Chris Herzog -  A Sum Rule for Boundary Trace Anomalies

Friday 17th December 2021

  • 10:00    Erik Tonni - Modular Hamiltonians for the massless Dirac field in the presence of a boundary or of a defect
  • 14:00    Amin Faraji Astaneh - Conformal Anomaly in the Presence of the Boundaries


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