September 6, 2022 - September 7, 2022

NaDES for biomass valorization: new insight of a green technology

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The principles of ‘green chemistry' are gaining traction in many sectors, including cosmetics, due to the need to reduce pollution from toxic chemicals, make industrial processes safer and more sustainable, and provide consumers with ‘clean-labeled products’. During the last decade, green technology is moving from an option to a must in modern industrial processing. Plants produce a rich and diverse array of natural products that have been extracted and used by humans for millennia.

With the growing interest in more environmentally friendly solvents and processes, the introduction of Natural Deep Eutectic Solvents (NaDES) as low cost, non-toxic and biodegradable solvents represents a new opportunity for green and sustainable chemistry. Thanks to their remarkable advantages, NaDES are now arousing growing interest in many fields of research such as food, health, cosmetics and biofuels. Around the world, NaDES are seen as a promising alternative to commonly used petrochemical solvents.

This webinar takes place over two half-days, and offers an overview of recent advances in biomass extraction, from raw materials to the latest advances in processes and modeling. The first day is devoted to new perspectives in terms of plant valorization, in particular by addressing biomass, biological activities and bio-transformations. The second day is devoted to advances in extractive processes and the modeling of NaDES.

This international webinar is organised in the framework of the ARD CVL COSMETOSCIENCES Programme.


extraction, biomass, NaDES, innovative process, modelling



Preliminary programme


  • 08:45 Official Opening by Aurélien Montagu (LE STUDIUM) & Alexia Soussen (Cosmétosciences Programme)
  • 09:00 Opening conference : Dr Alena Stupar NADES-solvents of the future

SESSION 1 : Extraction and biotransformation


SESSION 2: Innovation processes and modeling

SESSION 3: Round table : collaboration networking

  • 11:00 -> 12:00





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