August 27, 2018 - August 29, 2018

Frontiers in Nanomaterials for Energy Harvesting and Storage

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Recent advances in microelectronics in energy harvesting applications have increased demand for the enhancement of the performance metrics of all storage and energy conversion devices. This includes piezoelectric nanogenerators, organic solar cells and thermoelectrics. The international conference entitled “Frontiers in Nanomaterials for Energy Harvesting and Storage”, organized by LE STUDIUM Loire Valley Institute for Advanced Studies, will be held on the 27th-29th August 2018 in Tours, France. This international conference intends to bring together different research actors, including renowned academic scientists, engineers, researchers, research scholars, students and new comers interested in this fascinating and vibrant field in the objective of confronting different views, exploring industrial needs and potential responses. High quality research contributions describing cutting-edge research of conceptual, empirical, experimental, or theoretical work in all areas of energy harvesting materials and systems are cordially invited for presentation at the conference. Topics that will be covered include, among others, novel processing techniques for nanostructured materials with high-energy conversion efficiencies, new materials for energy harvesting and storage, theory and modelling of these materials and devices, new structural and functional characterization methods, innovative design and integration of low-power/self-powered devices for next generation of sensors and actuators. 

Key Topics

  • Functional materials synthesis: nanowires, quantum dots, nanoscrystals, thin films and other low dimensional materials, shapeable substrates, polymer matrix composites
  • Advanced characterization methods: electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy, impedance spectroscopy, photoluminescence spectroscopy, atomic/piezoelectric force microscopy, functional characterization of energy harvesters
  • Simulation and modelling: MEMS, piezoelectric nanostructures (nanowires, nanosheets etc…), nanostructured thermoelectric materials, semiconductor materials for solar cells, defect structures
  • Challenges in device technology: energy harvesting devices, microbatteries, supercapacitors, transistors for ultra-low consumption electronics, sensors, light emitting diodes, multiferroic and magnetoelectric functional materials with coexisting magnetic and ferroelectric order, diluted magnetic semiconductors


  • Pr Emre ErdemLE STUDIUM / Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research Fellow
    FROM University of Freiburg - Institute of Physical Chemistry - DE
    IN RESIDENCE AT Research Group for Materials, Microelectronics, Acoustics and Nanotechnologies (GREMAN) / CNRS, INSA CVL, University of Tours - FR
  • Dr Guylaine Poulin-Vittrant,
    Research Group for Materials, Microelectronics, Acoustics and Nanotechnologies (GREMAN) / CNRS, INSA CVL, University of Tours - FR

International Scientific Commitee


Frontiers in Nanomaterials for Energy Harvesting and Storage

Confirmed Speakers


Abstracts for oral presentation and poster should be submitted before Friday 29th of June 2018. Please upload your abstract during the registration or send it before the deadline to
The number of oral presentations is limited, convenors will process a selection and confirm your presentation not later than Friday 06th of July 2018.
Please note that we do not print the posters, but racks & pins will be provided for up to A0 sizes, portrait format. 

>> Template for oral presentation & template for poster


Hôtel de Ville : Boulevard Heurteloup - 37000 TOURS - FR

The event will take place in the city centre at the Hotel de Ville of Tours located Square Jean-Jaures and very near the main train station. This elegant building was designed in the early 20th century by the same architect, Victor Laloux, of the Gare d'Orsay in Paris (now the Musée d'Orsay).  Its monumental stairs, paintings and scluptures make it a recommanded place to visit. Participants will also have the opportunity to discover French cuisine and Loire Valley wines.

Conference Programme

Monday August 27th 2018

  • 12:30    Welcome lunch & registration
  • 14:00    Official Opening: Emmanuel Lesigne (Vice-President University of Tours), Marc Lethiecq (Director of GREMAN), Sophie Gabillet (General Secretary of LE STUDIUM)

Session 1: Mechanical energy harvesting

  • 14:30    Pr Magnus Willander - Flexible and Non-Flexible Materials for Energy Harvesting
  • 15:00    Dr Noëlle Gogneau - High potential of III-Nitride nanowires for piezoelectric energy harvesting: Towards wireless sensors
  • 15:30    Pr Salvatore Mirabella - Photoluminescence investigation of deep level defect states in ZnO nanorods
  • 16:00    Coffee break
  • 16:20    Pr Cristina Rusu - Energy harvesting sensor systems – Challenges and opportunities
  • 16:50    Mr Thien Hoang - An efficient tool for modelling piezoelectric cantilevers used for mechanical energy harvesting
  • 17:10    Dr Gonzalo Murillo - From MEMS to nanogenerators, how to harvest energy from ambient vibrations
  • 17:50    Energy harvesting demos
  • 18:30    Public Lecture in French : Pr Mario Maglione Réduire la taille des matériaux pour une meilleure efficacité énergétique
  • 20:00    Wine & cheese cocktail

Tuesday August 28th 2018

    • 08:40    Welcome coffee

    Session 2: Ferroelectric, multiferroic, functional materials

    • 09:00    Pr Mario Maglione - Universal behavior of BCTZ ceramics, thin films and single crystals
    • 09:30    Dr José Manuel Vila-Fungueirino - Enhanced functionalities in epitaxial oxide thin films on silicon by combining physical and chemical processes
    • 09:50    Pr Robert Dorey - Towards sustainable manufacture of functional materials and devices
    • 10:20    Coffee break
    • 10:40    Dr Hana Ursic - Imaging and manipulation of ferroelectric domain walls by piezoresponse force microscopy
    • 11:10    Dr Jérôme Wolfman - Band structure tuning via interface chemical modulation in La0.7Sr0.3MnO3/SrTiO3/Pt junctions
    • 11:30    Pr Omar Mohammed - Perovskite nanocrystals with different dimensionalities: From synthesis and full characterization to light applications
    • 12:00    Lunch

    Session 3: Solar energy harvesting

    • 13:30    Dr Stefania Benedetti - Tailoring plasmonic response in metal/oxide nanosystems
    • 14:00    Dr Ian Mathews - High-efficiency indoor light-harvesting for self-powered wireless sensors
    • 14:20    Pr Cleva Ow-Yang - Nanoscale engineering of materials for zero-energy consumption lighting
    • 14:50    Posters session & Coffee break
    • 16:00    Pr Elizabeth Von Hauf - Organic and hybrid materials for energy conversion
    • 16:30    Dr Bruno Schmaltz - Carbazole Hole transporting materials for hybrid solar cells
    • 16:50    Dr Dong-Jik Kim - Flexo-Photovoltaic Effect
    • 19:30    Social dinner - Atelier Lebeau​

    Wednesday August 29th 2018

    • 08:40    Welcome coffee

    Session 4: Thermoelectric generators

    • 09:00    Dr Luis Fonseca - Research on thermoelectric microgenerators based on Si and SiGe nanowires as thermoelectric material
    • 09:20    Dr Fabien Giovannelli - Improvement of thermal Properties of transparent conducting oxide ceramics by nanostructuring for thermoelectrics applications
    • 09:40    Dr Arnaud Le Febvrier - Thermoelectric CrN: from n-type to p-type semiconductor behavior
    • 10:00    Mr Tianqi Zhu - Alternative low work function thin film materials for nonconventional thermoelectric micro/nanogenerators
    • 10:20    Coffee break

    Session 5: Biofuel cells, Energy storage

    • 10:50    Dr Sophie Tingry - Gold nanoparticles: Application in hybrid biofuel cells for energy conversion
    • 11:20    Mr Mario Urso - Supercapacitive properties of Ni-based nanostructures grown by chemical bath deposition
    • 11:40    Dr Thomas Defforge - Free-standing Si nanostructures for Li-ion battery anode application
    • 12:00    Closing remarks


    Private institutions250 EUR
    Public institutions200 EUR
    Students & PhD Scholars100 EUR
    Social dinner60 EUR


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