De la séduction à l’agression ? La question du harcèlement

November 29, 2021 - November 30, 2021

Université de Tours, Salle Thélème
3 Rue des Tanneurs
37000 Tours


The evolution of society, the media coverage of recent scandals (notably the "Harvey Weinstein" affair), the waves of reaction (#MeToo, #balancetonporc, #Iwas on Twitter), but also the maintenance or increase of interpersonal violence in the public space (including the workplace), come to question the collective representations of the feminine and masculine and male-female interactions, especially those that could lead to violence or, more precisely, from seduction to aggression (various forms of harassment, sexuality with coercive manipulation, etc.).

It is in response to this reflection that the Qualipsy research teams (EE 1901 Quality of Life and Psychological Health), the IRJI (Institut de Recherche Juridique Interdisciplinaire François-Rabelais) and the Centre Ressource pour les Intervenants auprès des Auteurs de Violences sexuelles du Centre-Val de Loire (CRIAVS CVL) of the CHU of Tours are organizing a multidisciplinary and international symposium "From seduction to aggression? The question of harassment". It will cross points of view with contributions from psychology, sexology, anthropology, sociology and law.

The first day will address, among other things, the construction of the masculine and feminine in today's society (see, for example, the relationship to new technologies), the place of each, the new reference points in male-female relationships and the limits between seduction and aggression. The second day will focus on the issue of interpersonal violence, from a socio-psychological and legal perspective. The interventions will try to clarify where aggression begins, especially in forms of harassment, how to define, categorize and sanction it, how to take into account the consequences for perpetrators and victims. The colloquium must respond both to issues of awareness and training for students and professionals, but also to a questioning that can feed into research.



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    Confirmed speakers

    • Ingrid Bertsch, Psychologie, CRIAVS CVL - FR
    • Nathalie Canale, CRIAVS Auvergne - FR
    • Marie-Paule Carrey-Lebas, France-Victime 37 - FR
    • Jimmy Charruau, Droit, Université d’Angers - FR
    • Sylvie Cromer, Université de Lille et INED / Institut du genre - FR
    • Alexia Delbreil, Psychiatrie et médecine légale, Université de Poitiers - FR
    • François Fourment, Droit, Université de Tours - FR
    • Jean-Pierre Guay, CICC et Institut national de psychiatrie légale Philippe-Pinel, Université de Montréal - CA
    • Thierry Goguel d'Allondans, Université de Strasbourg
    • Sofian Goudjil, Droit, Université de Tours -FR
    • Sylvie Grunvald, Droit, Université de Nantes -FR
    • Raymond Knight, Université Brandeis - US
    • Céline Lamballais, Psychologie, CRIAVS CVL - FR
    • Pierre Lamothe, CRIAVS - FR
    • Magali Mazuy, INED (UR 04, Genre, sexualité et inégalités) - FR
    • Cécile Miele, CRIAVS Auvergne - FR
    • Federica Migliardo, Unesco, Université de Messine - IT
    • Thierry Pham, Université de Mons - BL
    • Catherine Potard, Université d’Angers - FR
    • Tristan Renard, Sociologie, CRIAVS Midi-Pyrénées - FR
    • Judith Sims-Knight, Université Brandeis - US
    • Véronique Tellier-Cayrol, Droit, Université de Tours -FR
    • Delphine Thomas-Taillandier, Droit, Université de Tours - FR
    • Présidence de l’Université, Université de Tours - FR
    • Germano Vera Cruz, Psychologie sociale - MZ 

    Partners of the event