Natural and human-assisted adaptation of forests to climatic constraints: the relevance of interdisciplinary approaches

November 18, 2014 - November 19, 2014

Centre International Universitaire pour la Recherche
1, rue Dupanloup
45000 Orléans


Convenors :

  • Dr. Alejandro MARTINEZ-MEIER,
    on leave from INTA, EEA Bariloche, Patagonía, Argentina, in residence at INRA - UR0588 (Unité d´Amélioration Génétique et Physiologie Forestières), Orléans - France.
  • Dr. Philippe ROZENBERG, Research Director
    INRA, Val de Loire  - UR0588 (Unité d´Amélioration Génétique et Physiologie Forestières, Orléans – France.

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Sabine Rosner, BOKU university of Vienna
  • Guillermina Dalla-Salda, INTA
  • Sally Aitken, University of British Columbia
  • Ute Sass-Klaassen, University of Wageningen
  • Martin Weih, Umeo university
  • Martin De Luis, University of Zaragoza
  • Alejandro Martinez-Meier, INTA
  • Patrick Fonti, WSL
  • Sylvie Oddou-Muratorio, INRA
  • Antoine Kremer, INRA
  • Michel Vennetier, IRSTEA
  • Sylvain Delzon, INRA


  • Adaptation to water availability
  • Dendroecological response to climatic constraints
  • Ecophysiological response to climatic constraints
  • The individual (plastic) and population (genetic) response to climatic constraints
  • Tree breeding and silviculture for adaptation to climatic constraints
  • Natural and human-assisted strategies for adaptation to climate change.

Partners of the event