How to play with a surface for creating new materials?

July 02, 2015 - 16 h 00

1 rue Dupanloup
45000 Orléans


Dr Arayik Hambardzumyan, on the 2nd of July 2015 - 16h00 / 4pm

During this seminar some specific properties of surfaces (surface tension, wettability, adsorption...) will be discussed. We'll talk about the Langmuir monolayer technic that we use in our research to measure the surface pressure of the adsorption layers formed on the liquid-air and liquid-liquid interfaces. A relationship between the adsorption layers compositions and their protection properties (anti-UV, antioxidant, volatile products evaporation rate control…) of encapsulated products will be demonstrated. This point deals with improvement of emulsion performances and introduction of green chemistry (natural polymers coming from plants secondary cell wall: lignin, cellulose…) in the formulation of emulsions which are an enormous field in cosmetics.

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