Critical features of innate immunity at biomineralized barriers

April 04, 2019 - 16 h 00

Amphi Beaumont - Building D
60 rue du Plat d’Étain
37020 Tours


The integrated innate immune features of the calcareous egg and its contents are a critical underpinning of the remarkable evolutionary success of Birds. Beginning at the time of laying, the initial protective structures of the egg are rapidly and dramatically altered during embryonic development. The embryo-generated extra-embryonic tissues are critical to counteract the degradation of primary egg defenses during development. Hincke’s Studium research project studies the progressive transformation of egg innate immunity over the 21-day course of egg incubation, and gains insight into the critical interplay between autonomous development and maternal anticipation. In particular, the dual role of the chorioallantoic membrane (CAM) for concurrent demineralization of the shell and establishment of a new antimicrobial barrier is a field for intense scrutiny.


LE STUDIUM Research Professor

Prof. Maxwell Hincke

FROM: Cellular and Molecular Medicine, University of Ottawa - CA

IN RESIDENCE AT: Avian Biology & Poultry Research (BOA UMR) / Centre Inra Val de Loire, University of Tours - FR

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