Bioinspired molecular assemblies as protective and delivery systems

September 07, 2015 - September 09, 2015

Centre International Universitaire pour la Recherche
1 rue Dupanloup
45000 Orléans


Convenors :

  • Dr Arayik Hambardzumyan , LE STUDIUM® RESEARCH FELLOW
    On leave from Yerevan State University - Armenia, 
    in residence at ICMN (Interfaces, Confinement, Matériaux et Nanostructures) UMR 7473 - CNRS - Université d’Orléans  – France.
  • Dr Samuel Guillot,
    ICMN (Interfaces, Confinement, Matériaux et Nanostructures) UMR 7473 - CNRS - Université d’Orléans  – France.


Biological systems being complex entities bring to life elegant and efficient strategies to make materials that often outperform man-made materials of similar composition. One of the main goals of the interdisciplinary field of bioinspired materials is to unlock the secrets of these systems - the composition, processing, self-assembly, hierarchical organization and properties of biological materials - and use this information to synthesize and engineer novel functional materials for a variety of practical applications. Bioinspired concepts are becoming increasingly integrated into materials and devices intended for food safety, cosmetic formulation and drug delivery systems.


  • Langmuir-Blodgett Films and Multilayers
  • Self-Assembly and Nanoscale Organization
  • Membranes
  • Liquid Crystals and Polymers at Interfaces
  • Nano‐Objects
  • Biological and Bioinspired Systems

Practical informations



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Confirmed Speakers

  • Pr Jurriaan Huskens
    University of Twente/MESA+ Institut for Nanotechnology/ AE Enschede/ The Netherlands

  • Pr Ivan Panaiotov
    University of Sofia/ Laboratory of Biophysical Chemistry/ Sofia/ Bulgaria

  • Dr Nathalie Tarrat
    CEMES-CNRS/UPR 8011/Toulouse/France

  • Pr Chantal Pichon
    CBM/Orleans University/Orleans/France

  • Pr Maryam Tabrizian
    McGill University/Biomaterials Research Group/Montreal/Canada

  • Dr Véronique Aguié-Béghin
    INRA/UMR614 Fractionnement des AgroRessources et Environnement/Reims/France

  • Dr Dorota Matyszewska
    University of Warsaw/Faculty of Chemistry/ Warsaw/Poland

  • Dr Faiza BERGAYA
    ICMN, UMR 7374/CNRS/Orleans/France

  • Dr Charles Sennoga
    Imperial College of London/ CHU Tours/Inserm 930/Tours/France

  • Dr Eduardo Guzmán
    I-Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Departamento de Química Física/ Madrid/ Spain

  • Dr Sylvie Bégin-Colin
    Institut de Physique et Chimie des Matériaux de Strasbourg/ Strasbourg/ France

  • Dr Gohar Khachatryan
    University of Agriculture, Department of Chemistry and Physics/Cracow/Poland

  • Dr Véronique Barragan-Montero
    Institut Charles Gerhardt/UMR 5253/ Montpellier/France

  • Dr Marie-Hélène Ropers
    INRA/UR1268 Biopolymères Interactions Assemblages/Nantes/France

  • Dr Tomasz Martyński
    Poznan University of Technology/Faculty of Technical Physics/Poznan/Poland

  • Dr Nóra Ábrahám
    Supramolecular and Nanostructured Materials Research Group of The Hungarian Academy of Sciences/Szeged/Hungary

  • Dr Gabriel Ohlsson
    Biolin Scientific AB/Västra Frölunda/Sweden

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