Aims and principles

LE STUDIUM Loire Valley Institute for Advanced Studies is guided by 3 aims and 7 principles which sit at the heart of its missions in order to contribute to the development of an international and transdisciplinary research in region Centre-Val de Loire and useful to cement intellectual cooperation  between  various institutes and centres in the benefit of all.

Aim n°1

Create a dynamic outwards-looking international scientific community in the “Centre Val de Loire region” of France connecting its public and private research Institutions and Centres, inspired by the Loire Valley historical, geographical and human cultures. 

Aim n°2

Develop an intellectual environment to create the “universal” scientist. A quantitative objective is that the majority of the research programs supported by LE STUDIUM should correspond to multi- or interdisciplinary research approaches. 

Aim n°3

Create conditions and catalyse the development of scientific and human interactions between members of the various research Institutions and Centres of the “Centre region” in order to strengthen the Loire Valley Laboratories community. 

Principle n°1

Continue diversity
Cross-disciplinary research mixed with diverse professional competences of the actors of the Institute is acknowledged as a chance for stimulating intellectual exchanges. Fostering diversity in all areas will form the basis of LE STUDIUM future developments.

Principle n°2

Continue innovation
Since its creation in 1996, LE STUDIUM has benefited from a bottom-up evolutionary process. Innovation - through experimentation and exchange of knowledge - will continue to be the main developmental driving force for the Institute.

Principle n°3

Continue to favor human aspects
Small size communities are considered as more efficient in favoring interactions between individuals and help to inspire greater creativity and intellectual productivity, even in competitive environments. LE STUDIUM will continue to give priority to the quality of human interactions between its members, both in cooperative or competitive processes. Ethics is a non-negotiable requirement.

Principle n°4

Cultivate quality linked to originality and creativity
The search for highest quality in LE STUDIUM programs and procedures remains a major goal of the Institute. Care will continue to be taken, however, to assure that it is constantly connected to the highest originality and creativity.

Principle n°5

Catalyse private and public research connections
The 21st Century will be dominated by a revolution in technologies such as new information technologies or biotechnologies. In order to be able to take benefit of the scientific and technological discoveries, strengthening of the links between research laboratories and industries, through LE STUDIUM programs, is considered as a priority.     .

Principle n°6

Cultivate sciences and society connections
Scientific discoveries often signal the beginning of a period of change, conflict and uncertainty driven by the development of new technologies. This process is part of society’s evaluation of risks and benefits. As a priority, the Institute will strengthen its links with society to enable community understanding of new discoveries and how they affect people’s life. 

Principle n°7

Anticipate change
Care will be taken to incorporate flexibility, adaptability and reactivity in all LE STUDIUM programmes and operational procedures. Change anticipation will be part of daily behaviors. The operational procedures will seek reliability and fluidity.