LE STUDIUM programmes offer different formats of residency awards and temporary visits as well as a portfolio of international networking actions (international research consortium, conference, summer school, workshop, seminar, etc…) designed to build an international scientific community in close relations with researchers in the Centre-Val de Loire region.

Across all programmes, LE STUDIUM aims to deliver a high-quality welcome to its visitors and fellows and offer the best conditions of residency.


  • LE STUDIUM PROFESSORSHIP: targets an international Professor who will bring expertise to at least one public or private laboratory in order to share knowledge, lead research projects and teach during three months each year for four consecutive years (twelve months in total).
  • LE STUDIUM FELLOWSHIP: targets an experienced international Researcher who will come and work for 10 to 12 consecutive months in a public or private laboratory.
  • LE STUDIUM JUNIOR FELLOWSHIP: targets an internationally competitive young researcher seeking for a permanent position in one of the regional research institutions and planning an application in the course of her/his residency. The award is for 12 consecutive months in a public laboratory. 
  • LE STUDIUM VISITING RESEARCHER: targets an experienced international researcher who has the opportunity and resources to come and work for a minimum of 3 and up to 12 consecutive months in a public or private laboratory. 
  • LE STUDIUM VISITING ARTIST: targets an artist or researcher working on a project at the interface or art & science who has the opportunity and resources to come and work for a minimum of 3 and up to 12 consecutive months in a public or private laboratory. 
  • LE STUDIUM CONSORTIUM: supports the creation of a team of five researchers – four international experienced researchers and one local researcher– to exchange and develop new perspectives and organise one-week seminar every six months for two years (four meetings in total) in the Centre-Val de Loire region. 
  • LE STUDIUM EXPERTS DAYS: finances the journey of a highly qualified scientist for a visit of up to 15 days to the regional laboratories.
  • LE STUDIUM GUEST RESEARCH FELLOW STATUS: Separately from programmes’ awards, LE STUDIUM accepts in its faculty of fellows international researchers having established a residency in one regional laboratory across another programme (ERC, Fullbright, postdoctoral fellowships…).


  • Awards benefits: they vary from one programme to the other and guidelines should be attentively read and considered before starting an application. Financial support and travel costs may be part of the awards package but not systematically. All fellows benefit equal opportunities to access scientific events, networking actions, training as well as the administrative support.
  • Housing: all awards benefit a fully furnished accommodation adapted to the size of the family. Rental costs and utilities are covered by the programme. A deposit is requested at the beginning of the residency to cover potential damages and over costs of utilities. In Orleans, fellows are hosted in the castle of La Motte Sanguin on the Loire riverbank. In Tours and other regional cities, LE STUDIUM holds rental agreements with private property owners.
  • Administrative assistance: LE STUDIUM/Euraxess team members prepare the arrival of fellows, planning and organising for the necessary visa, the adequate housing, the schooling of children, the registration to various administrations (bank, insurance, social security…). The fellow receives full assistance upon request during all her/his residency.
  • Scientific events: all fellows have the opportunity to access logistic support and potential partial funding to organise an international event; they are invited at no cost to attend all LE STUDIUM events.
  • Training: all awardees can access different types of training sessions organised at the regional level by research partners or programmes. LE STUDIUM offers French class to all awardees.
  • Participation to the life of the institute:  the best conditions are established for all awardees and fellows to carry out their research project in the best conditions, freed from all administrative and practical issues. They become members of a scientific faculty of fellows and engage into the institute’s aims and principle. Therefore they have to respect the articles set in the hosting agreement and spend most of their time in the region. They agree to notify any changes affecting their residency including missions outside the region, they commit to attend to all monthly seminars -LE STUDIUM Thursdays- where each guest researcher presents his/her research project, to take part to all scientific exchanges at the institute and submit a final report of their activities.
  • Publications and credits: researchers must notify the institute about their publications, any prizes, awards or promotion received related to the research carried out during their residency; in their published articles and books, as well as when participating in scientific events they must indicate their appurtenance to the institute.
  • Reports: at the end of their stay, fellows must write a report presenting the research they conducted in the region. This report takes the form of a scientific article and will be published in the LE STUDIUM Journal web page and referenced with a DOI number alongside with a link to their other publications.
  • Research facilities: researchers work in close relation with their host scientist in their host laboratory. In addition, they can access the LE STUDIUM facilities at the Hôtel Dupanloup where dedicated work spaces are available as well as meeting and conference rooms. 
  • Social life: the LE STUDIUM team facilitates the integration of researchers in the region and in the scientific community by organising social events and special visits; all fellows are invited to discover the regional natural and cultural heritage and research centres at different opportunities. They have a free access to the LE STUDIUM Club in the Hôtel Dupanloup to organise meetings and welcome their guests.