Across a series of different research programmes and annual calls for applications, LE STUDIUM attracts, selects and welcomes experienced international researchers into public and private regional laboratories for long-term residencies and organises scientific events and networking actions enabling the  development of sustainable international collaborations and scientific interdisciplinary exchanges. The development of human capital for research, development and innovation is at the heart of LE STUDIUM mission.

It is supported by the Centre-Val de Loire Region, Orléans Metropole, the University of Orléans, the University of Tours, as well as the European Commission within the framework of the FIAS (French Institutes for Advanced Study) programme of the French network of Institutes for Advanced Studies (RFIEA), and the French National Research Agency within the framework of the ATHENA European university alliance.

Its members and partners are the major universities and scientific research institutions located in the Centre-Val de Loire region:

  • University of Orleans
  • University of Tours
  • INSA Centre-Val de Loire
  • ESAD Orleans
  • BRGM
  • CNRS
  • CEA
  • Center INRAE Val de Loire

LE STUDIUM holds tight links with industries and poles of Competitiveness: Cosmetic Valley, Polymeris, Dream, S2E2, Vegepolys who are also represented in its governance.

As a key partner of the regional smart specialisation programmes initiated by the Centre-Val de Loire Regional council, LE STUDIUM conducts activities to develop international relationships with research clusters of interest abroad and facilitates international networking.

As a multidisciplinary institute for advanced studies, LE STUDIUM promotes excellence as much in the science that it supports as in the services it provides to its partners.