Early-Life Adversity and Resilience: Multi-Disciplinary Perspectives in a Rapidly Changing World

September 03, 2024 - September 05, 2024

Château Belmont
57 rue Groison
37100 Tours


This multidisciplinary conference will bring together experts in various fields in early-life adversity and children's/youth mental health and well-being. Neurobiologists will focus on the pathogenesis and pathophysiology of early-life adversity, vulnerability and resilience and related psycho-affective disorders. They will highlight the social and clinical implications of their studies investigating the effects of stress-related and other biological factors during the critical period. Specialists in the psychological and clinical domains will bring their professional experience from their work with children and youth-related programs. Educators and policy-makers will discuss practical and logistical considerations in implementing pro-development and mental health awareness programs at the community and societal levels. This conference is a unique opportunity that provides space for inter-disciplinary dialogue. It hopes to bring to the panel diverse perspectives that can mutually inform each other and collectively forge broadly received recommendations and plan of action to address the growing concerns regarding the global youth mental health crisis. These resolutions aim to contribute to a wider movement that works towards a better integrated vision of a future world able to better protect the well-being of children and youth.

Deadline for registration: 31/07/2024


 General Information


Congress Venue

Château Belmont
57 rue Groison  - 37100 Tours, France



Tuesday, 3 September to Thursday 5 September  2024



The official language of the Congress is English


Welcome pack and Name Badge

 Upon arrival you will receive a welcome pack that includes the printed material of the Conference and your name badge will be given to you at the reception . Please wear your name badge at all times during the Conference and to all official Conference events.

Invitation Letters

Invitation Letters

 An official letter of invitation facilitating the obtention of an entry visa can be sent upon request . In order to receive an invitation letter for visa purposes, send an email to maurine.villiers@lestudium-ias.fr. Please note that : 
- we only issue an official letter once the payment of the registration fee has been validated.
- such letters do not represent a commitment on the part of the Organisers to provide any financial assistance.


Certificate of attendance

 After the conference, in order to receive a certficate of participation, send an email to maurine.villiers@lestudium-ias.fr

Preliminary programme

Tuesday 3rd September 2024 - Paris Time (GMT +1)

  • 12:00   Lunch for keynote speakers
  • 13:00 Registration
  • 13:30 Official opening – Prof. Francis Bambico & Prof. Catherine Belzung & LE STUDIUM
  • 14:00 Keynote speaker: Dr Assaf Oshri - Early-Life Adversity and Resilience: Bioecological Influences
  • 15:00 Coffee break

Symposium 1 – Children's/Youth Mental Health in the Modern World

  • 15:30 Dr Flora Blangis - Testing whether multi-level factors protect poly-victimised children against psychopathology in early adulthood: A longitudinal cohort study
  • 15:50 Prof. Pauline Saint-Martin  - Contribution of Forensic Medicine to the Management of Child Abuse
  • 16:10 TBD -
  • 16:30 TBD -


  • 16:50 Posters session 
  • 18:30  Public lecture in French - Catherine Belzung

Wednesday 4th September 2024 - Paris Time (GMT +1)

  • 09:00 Keynote speaker: Dr Chiara Spatola - Psychological Interventions for Promoting Youth Mental Health
  • 10:00 Coffee break

Symposium 2 – Translational and Preclinical Approaches: From Cells and Animal Models of Psychiatric Disorders to Clinical Implications

  • 10:30 Dr Stefano Comai  - Neuroinflammation and tryptophan metabolism: implications for neurobiology and psychopharmacology
  • 10:50 Dr Maud Blaise -
  • 11:10 Brandon Richardson  - Psilocybin vs. lisuride: similarities and differences in their serotonergic, anxiogenic-, and antidepressant-like effects
  • 11:30 Maxime Liberge - Revealing the footprint of ELA : a study of visualization and modulation of the cellular and extracellular actors of a fear-evoked memory trace encoded in the juvenile period


  • 12:00 Lunch
  • 13:30 Keynote speaker: Prof. Francis Bambico -
  • 14:30 Coffee break
  • 15:00 Poster session
  • 16:00 UNESCO Chair Dr Catherine Belzung
  • 17:00 Cellar visit and wine and cheese cocktail

Thursday 5th September 2024 - Paris Time (GMT +1)

  • 09:00 Keynote speaker: Dr Tomas Paus - Population Neuroscience of the Growing Brain: What and Why
  • 10:00 Coffee break

Symposium 3 – Advocating for Children's/Youth Mental Health through Education and Strengthened Policy Frameworks

  • 10:30 Liza Miscala-Jorda - Rights of Alleged Victims in Penal Procedures in the Philippines
  • 10:50 Dr Fabienne Labelle – Child protection and adoption
  • 11:10 Tadhg Strand - SEINAPSE - transformative learning through youth mental health outreach
  • 11:30   TBD -


  • 12:00 Lunch
  • 13:30 Keynote speaker: Dr Sukhinder Cheema – Maternal nutrition: why it matters for the health of the next generation?
  • 14:30 Poster session
  • 15:30 Coffee break
  • 16:00 Keynote speaker : Dr Rhoda Myra Garces-Bacsal – Diverse Picturebooks for Diverse Children: Reading for Socio-emotional Learning, Mental Health, and Well-Being
  • 17:15 Roundtable or Panel Discussion (Synthesis and Final Remarks; Prospect: Le Studium Research Consortium) Moderator: Delphine Taillandier
  • 18:00 Awarding of Prizes and Conclusion
  • 19:30 Gala Dinner


Château Belmont :
57, Rue Groison - 37100 TOURS - FR

Château Belmont, an establishment steeped in history, welcomes you to a 17th-century building surrounded by 2.5 hectares of parkland. Once planted with vines renowned for their south-facing aspect, the château became a hospital during the 1870 war.
After the war, Baroness Tellier de Blanrier acquired the property in 1880 and had the ceiling of the living room painted. In 1885, the vines were replaced by apple trees, which produced cider for over sixty years.
Passionate about flowers, the next owners decided to turn the estate into a tulip research centre.
In 1987, Jean and Sophie Bardet opened a restaurant. Jean Bardet, a renowned chef, offered creative, gourmet and refined cuisine.
The AEGIDE-Domitys group opened its first hotel in 2008, bringing Château Belmont to life.
Discover this place steeped in history, where the elegance of the past blends harmoniously with modern comforts. Treat yourself to an unforgettable stay in an enchanting setting, steeped in the richness and charm of its prestigious past.

Oral presentations & posters

Abstracts for oral presentation and poster should be submitted before Sunday 30th June 2024.

Please upload your abstract during the registration or send it before the deadline to maurine.villiers@lestudium-ias.fr.

The number of oral presentations is limited, convenors will process a selection and confirm your presentation few days later.

Please note that we do not print the posters, but racks & pins will be provided for up to A0 sizes, portrait format.

Train By train:

* Tours centre station
 1.5 hour trip from Paris (Montparnasse)

 * Saint Pierre des Corps (4km from Tours town centre)

Bus 5, 20 minutes trip to Tours centre station

> Plan your trip by train: https://www.sncf-connect.com/en-en/


By tramway:

20 minutes trip from Tours centre station

> Take Tramway A in direction to Vaucanson, step out at Tranchée stop

Château Belmont is an 8-minute walk from the stop.


By bus:

25 minutes trip from Tours centre station

> Take Bus 10 in direction to Beffroi, step out at Charles Barrier stop

Château Belmont is an 9-minute walk from the stop.

Voiture By car:

GPS: 47.4079083,0.6871076
Please note that you can't park in the courtyard in front of the Château Belmont.
Paid car park nearby : 
Parking Relais: Tranchée - Fil Bleu, 16 Rue des Bordiers, 37100 Tours

Avion By plane:

*Arrival at Roissy Charles De Gaulle (CDG) airport
Take RER B in direction to Saint Rémy Les Chevreuse, step out at Denfert Rochereau Stop
Metro 6 in direction to Charles de Gaulle Etoile, step out at Montparnasse Bienvenue Stop 

> Then take a train to Tours (see "by train" section above)

*Arrival at Paris-Orly (ORY) airport: 

Take Orlyval Shuttle from Aéroport d’Orly in direction Antony, step out at Antony Stop

Take RER B in direction to Mitry Clave, step out at Denfert Rochereau Stop

Take Metro 6 in direction to Charles de Gaulle Etoile, step out at Montparnasse Bienvenue Stop

> Then take a train to Tours (see "by train" section above)




(Including two lunches, a wine & cheese cocktail and wine cellar visit and the coffee breaks)

Public institutions 380 EUR
Students & PhD Scholars 150 EUR
Lower-middle-incomes countries* 150 EUR
Gala dinner 60 EUR


* The list of Lower-middle-incomes contries can be found on https://wellcome.org/grant-funding/guidance/low-and-middle-income-count…

Cancellation Policy
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