At the margins of neoliberal governmentality: the extermination of peripheral youth in the Brazilian Amazon region

LE STUDIUM Multidisciplinary Journal, 2021, 5, 91-95

Jean-François Deluchey 1, 2
1 LE STUDIUM Institute for Advanced Studies, 45000 Orléans, France
2Associate Professor at the Federal University of Pará (Brazil)


This research project originally proposed to analyze and describe the phenomenon of the extermination of peripheral young people in Amazonia, and to discover to what extent this politics of death (thanatopolitics) constitutes a structuring apparatus of the neoliberal governmentality, by operating a calculation of the value of the human in market-oriented terms, in an outermost region of the neoliberal capitalist order. With the Covid-19 pandemic event, this project had to be renewed to understand which are the normative frameworks and governmental dispositives at stake in the global government of life and death in contemporary capitalism. By the articulation of biopolitics, (neo)liberalism, colonialism, racism and security frameworks, this research concludes by proposing a new concept that function as a grid of understanding for nowadays capitalist governmentality: necroliberalism. 


Biopolitics, Neoliberalism, Governmentality, Covid-19, Security, Death.
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Le STUDIUM Multidisciplinary Journal