Dr Satyajit Phadke

January, 2016 to June, 2019

LE STUDIUM Research Fellow / ARD 2020 LAVOISIER Programme

Field of research

Energy Storage and Conversion


Customized Energy Solutions - IN

In residence at

Physical Chemistry of Materials and Electrolytes for Energy (PCM2E) / University of Tours - FR

Host scientist

Prof. Mérièm Anouti


Energy storage systems (ARD 2020 LAVOISIER)

The research project focuses on Energy Storage and Conversion  Technologies and is supported by the ARD 2020 LAVOISIER Programme. The objective of the project is to develop novel materials (electrolytes, positive and negative electrodes) for advanced energy storage devices. The research work performed on Lithium-sulphur batteries has lead to the  expansion of the project in the form of industry funding for the next 2 years (2017 - 2019) from Arkema.

Events organised by this fellow

Novel electrode and electrolyte materials for electrochemical energy storage: Future of Li-ion batteries and Supercapacitors
High temperature batteries for grid scale energy storage
Future strategies in electrochemical technologies for efficient energy utilisation

Articles Published

  • Catholyte formulations for high-energy Li-S batteries

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