September 25, 2020

Novel host- and microbiota-directed strategies for treating respiratory infections

The conference will be replaced by a virtual meeting. The instructions to connect and join the meeting will be given upon registration.

Respiratory infections ranked 4 in the WHO 2016 list of “Top 10 causes of death worldwide”. There is an urgent need for improved treatment of respiratory infections, in view of the absence of affordable treatment, but also because of the absence of effective drugs for selected respiratory pathogens and the increase in microbial resistance to conventional antibiotic treatment.

Recent insight into host defense mechanisms against respiratory infections and the respiratory microbiota have opened up new avenues for novel treatment strategies.

The aim of this Le Studium Conference is to bring together experts from a variety of European countries to discuss the latest developments in the field, and to explore future opportunities for collaboration with the Horizon 2020 program or related EU programs.

This international conference is organised in the framework of the BIOPHARMACEUTICALS ARD 2020 Programme.



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