Modern aspects of Plant in Vitro Technology

June 27, 2018

University of Tours
Parc de Grandmont - Bâtiment E
37000 Tours


Medicinal plants are exploited since time immemorial due to health benefits they offer. Lack of cultivation practices and over-harvesting from wild provoke plant scientists to establish alternate platforms for the reliable and consistent production of these elite medicinal plant species. “Plant in vitro technology” provides a most promising platform for the production of chemically consistent plantlets for further biotechnological implications. However, the emergence of omics technologies, molecular biology, metabolic engineering and synthetic biology has revolutionized the field of life sciences. These are modern aspects of life sciences which are considerably influencing plant in vitro technology and phytochemical production. An application of these technologies is expanding horizons for an understanding of metabolic pathways involved in the biosynthesis of precious biologically active ingredients and their cost-efficient production.

Although the applications of these bioproduction techniques have been used for several years in the pharmaceutical sector, these scientific concepts also have huge potential in the cosmetics sector.

Main Topics

Plant biotechnology, In vitro culture, Elicitation, Phytomedicine, Gene expression


  • Dr Bilal Haider AbbasiLE STUDIUM Research Fellow / ARD2020 Cosmetosciences Programme
    FROM: Quaid-i-Azam University (Department of Biotechnology) - PK
    IN RESIDENCE AT: Biomolecule and Plant Biotechnology (BBV) EA2106 (University of Tours) / Laboratory of Woody Plants and Crops Biology (LBLGC) EA1207 | INRA USC1328 (University of Orléans) - FR
  • Pr Nathalie Guivarc'h,
    Biomolecule and Plant Biotechnology (BBV) EA2106 (University of Tours) - FR
  • Dr Christophe Hano,
    Laboratory of Woody Plants and Crops Biology (LBLGC) EA1207 | INRA USC1328 (University of Orléans) - FR


Modern aspects of Plant in Vitro Technology

Confirmed Speakers

Workshop program

  • 13:15    Welcoming participants
  • 13:45    Official Opening: Pr Nathalie Guivarc'h and Dr Christophe Hano - Presentation of Cosmetosciences program and Valbiocosm project
  • 14:00    Dr Bilal Haider Abbasi - Plant In Vitro Culture: From Pakistan to France
  • 14:40    Pr Randolph Arroo - Biotechnological Production: Specialized Plant Metabolism Characteristics and Impact on Target Molecule
  • 15:20    Dr Agnieszka Szopa - In vitro cultures of Aronia and Schisandra species as a rich source of antioxidants - a review of biotechnological studies
  • 16:00    Dr Elisabeth Fuss - Modern Genetic Engineering for the in vitro production of plant natural products
  • 16:40    Pr Stéphane Maury - Mutual benefits of Epigenetics and Plant in vitro Technologies
  • 17:20    Pr Sergio Ochatt - Correlating stress and somatic embryogenesis for NBT: myth or reality?
  • 18:00    Conclusion

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