Prof. Livio Casarini

Domaine scientifique
novembre, 2022 - novembre, 2023
LE STUDIUM Research Fellowship


University of Modena and Reggio Emilia - IT

In residence at

Physiology of Reproduction and Behaviour (PRC) / Centre INRAE Val de Loire, CNRS, University of Tours, IFCE - FR

Host scientist

Dr Eric Reiter 


Livio Casarini has got the Ph.D. in evolutionary biology, in the year 2009. His research is focused on sex hormone signalling and receptors, steroidogenesis, ovarian and thyroid cancer, as well as on related pharmacological aspects. Livio is associate professor at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and team leader of the research Group in basic and translational endocrinology. Currently, his research activities fall within the field of gonadotropins signalling in the gonads, sex steroid hormones and thyroid pathophysyology. One of the core projects aims to develop a nano antibody-based, non-hormonal contraceptive method.


Research Fellowship in Antibody fragments targeting ovarian GPCRs to control reproduction

Clinical approaches to improve couples fertility or contraception are based on hormonal treatments that may have side effects and imply daily administration of drugs.

Recently, the use of antibodies as therapeutics is increasing, but they are not currently applied in the field of reproduction. In silico methods for antibodies and nano-antibodies (nanobodies) selection and maturation may be exploited for the development, validation and application to different therapeutic targets. In particular, nanobodies are small, poorly immunogenic biopharmaceuticals that may be developed to target sex hormones and their receptors, offering the potential to modulate male and female reproduction and behavioural issues.

The position is based at the Physiology of Reproduction and Behaviour (PRC) unit, a mixed research unit of the Centre INRAE Val de Loire in Nouzilly, the University of Tours, the National centre for scientific research (CNRS), and the French horse and riding institute (IFCE), that is leader in the field.



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