Prof. Manuela Simoni

Scientific Field: 
April, 2019 to April, 2020

LE STUDIUM / Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research Fellow


Unit of Endocrinology, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia - IT

In residence at

Physiology of Reproduction and Behaviour (PRC) / Centre INRAE Val de Loire, CNRS, University of Tours, IFCE - FR

Host scientist

Dr Pascale Crépieux


Pleotropism of Gonadotropin action

Evidence exist that the gonadotropins LH and FSH can substitute to each other under certain circumstances, in addition to the fact that they can act together in granulosa cells. In this project, our aim is to investigate how the two human gonadotropins influence each other in granulosa cells expressing both receptors, or by co-culturing cells expressing either the LHCGR or the FSHR (as a model granulosa/theca interaction). To reach this aim, we will use in vitro approaches to monitor cell signaling and steroid synthesis, as well as in silico modeling to gain insight onto the dynamics of the intertwined cell response to FSH and LH. Hypotheses about the underlying mechanisms will be proposed and tested through a systems biology approach combining computational modelling and experimental measurements. This project may open new possibilities for the pharmacological manipulation of FSH and/or LH in clinical practice, in order to improve infertility treatment, (multi)follicular growth for assisted reproduction, ovulation and spermatogenesis.

Events organised by this fellow

Reproductive challenges of the 21st century
Les perturbateurs endocriniens et la nouvelle toxicologie
Targeting GPCR to generate life, preserve the environment and improve animal breeding: technological and pharmacological challenges

Articles Published

  • GnRH Antagonists Produce Differential Modulation of the Signaling Pathways Mediated by GnRH Receptors

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  • Follicle-Stimulating Hormone: Fertility and Beyond

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  • Glycosylation Pattern and in vitro Bioactivity of Reference Follitropin alfa and Biosimilars

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  • FSH treatment of male idiopathic infertility: Time for a paradigm change

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  • Pleotropism of gonadotropin action

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