Dr Magdalena Malinowska

Scientific Field: 
October, 2019 to October, 2020



Cracow University of Technology - PL

In residence at

Biomolecule and Plant Biotechnology (BBV), University of Tours - FR

Host scientist

Dr Arnaud Lanoue


Grape Metabolomics & Cell Cosmetics

The research project focuses on the metabolomics screening of ancient, rare grape varieties from Loire Valley for the development of plant cell lines producing active cosmetics. The objective is to setup UPLC-DAD-MS/MS-based metabolomics tools to screen a grape germplasm collection from ancient varieties of the Loire Valley (France) to identify varieties with peculiar metabotypes for valorization in cosmetics. The screening includes  sample harvesting from  different  organs and  varieties  as  well  as metabolomics  analysis  targeted  on polyphenols followed by data integration using chemometric tools (PCA, PLS-DA, HCA). Grape varieties of cosmetics interests are selected for plant tissue culturing. 

Events organised by this fellow

Grape metabolomics and cell cosmetics
Exploring the molecular diversity of grape, a source of natural ingredients

Articles Published

  • Stilbenoid-Enriched Grape Cane Extracts for the Biocontrol of Grapevine Diseases

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  • Grape Cane Extracts as Multifunctional Rejuvenating Cosmetic Ingredient: Evaluation of Sirtuin Activity, Tyrosinase Inhibition and Bioavailability Potential

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