July 3, 2017 - July 5, 2017

Recent advances in basic and applied science in cosmetics

The International Interdisciplinary Conference titled Recent advances in basic and applied science in cosmetics will be held from 3rd to 5th of July 2017 in Tours.

The Conference aims to update the knowledge in the fields of biophysics, chemistry, biochemistry and imaging applied to skin and cosmetics. This event will gather renowned academy and industry experts and will offer a unique chance to debate the latest topics, issues, trends and challenges in the cosmetics and dermatology field. For this purpose, the scientific program will cross both fundamental research fields, such as physical and chemical properties of systems of cosmetic interest, bioprotection molecular mechanisms and interface chemical processes, and advanced analytical, imaging and simulation techniques.

Another goal of the Conference is to build cross-disciplinary collaborations to create a scientific value chain, leading to the emergence of new innovative collaborative research activities and to significant socio-economic impacts. Cosmetics is a field where new scientific and technical opportunities and challenges need to be tackled: on this purpose, for stimulating interdisciplinary and fruitful discussions, some renowned international experts will be invited as lecturers in order to widen the overview of scientific and technological results and perspectives. For achieving the goal to encourage dialogue and interaction among participants, a lot of time will be devoted to discussions during lectures, talks, poster session and social event, this latter being combined with an open round table.

The Conference will be held in Tours in the heart of the territory covered by Cosmetic Valley which supports growth in the cosmetics sector by means of research, training and development activities and services specifically aimed at very small and medium sized enterprises.

Confirmed speakers


Preliminary Conference program

First day, Monday 3rd July

  • 10H15    Welcome and participants’ registration 
  • 11H00    Representative from Tours University / Sophie Gabillet / Pr Salvatore Magazù / Dr Emilie Munnier / Pr Francesco Piazza / (Opening)
  • 11H30    Christophe Masson
    Presentation of the Cosmetic Valley
  • 11H45    Pr C. Austen Angell, Arizona State University - USA (keynote lecture)
  • 12H45    Lunch

First session

Innovative and nature-inspired biomaterials and formulation
  • 14H30    Thomas Rochette-Castel, Cellule Europe 
  • 14H45    Pr Salvatore Magazù, Center of Molecular Biophysics - France
  • 15H25    Selected communication
  • 15H45    Selected communication
  • 16H05    Selected communication
  • 16H25    Coffee break and Poster session
  • 16H55    Poster session
  • 18H30    Public Lecture in french by Dr Emilie Munnier (NMNS, University of Tours - France) and Dr Francis Vial (R&D Director, Spincontrol - France)
    Efficacité des cosmétiques: comment est-elle démontrée ? 

Second day, Tuesday 4th July

Second session

Large scale facilities as driving forces in future cosmetic sciences 
  • 09H00    Dr Christiane Alba-Simionesco, LLB Director and President of European Neutron Scattering Association - France
  • 09H40    Selected communication
  • 10H20    Coffee break and Poster session

Third session

Recent advances in modeling by soft-matter inspired theoretical approaches
  • 10H50    Selected communication
  • 11H30    Selected communication
  • 12H10    Selected communication
  • 12H30    Selected communication 
  • 12H50    Lunch

Fourth session

Recent advances in formulation and characterization
  • 14H30    Dr Sivakumar Ponnurengam Malliappan (NMNS, University of Tours – France)
  • 15H10    Dr Domenico Gabriele (University of Calabria – Italy)
  • 15H40    Lynda Miloudi (NMNS, University of Tours – France)
    Quantification of encapsulation systems in complex products (temporary title)
  • 16H00    Pr Michel Grisel (University of Le Havre – France)
  • 16H40    Coffee break and Poster session
  • 17H10    Invited communication or 2 selected communications 
  • 17H40    Dr Francis Vial (R&D Director,,Spincontrol - France)
    How to objectively measure the role of emotions in the universe of a cosmetic product? (temporary title)
  • 18H20    Selected communication

Third day, Wednesday 5th July

  • 09H00    Dr Emmanuelle Percheron
    Presentation of the Cosmetosciences program

Fifth session

Recent advances in skin exploration 
  • 09H20    Dr Alexey Feofanov (Laboratory of optical microscopy and spectroscopy of biomolecules - Russia)
    Advanced microscopy of the skin (temporary title)
  • 10H00    Dr Gerwin Puppels (Erasmus MC – Netherlands)
    Raman imaging of the skin in vivo (temporary title)
  • 10H40    Dr Franck Bonnier (NMNS, University of Tours – France)
    Raman imaging on skin sections treated with cosmetic active ingredients (temporary title)
  • 11H00    Dr Ali Tfayli, (Paris-Sud University  - France)
  • 11H20    Coffee Break
  • 11H40    Poster prize ceremony and Closure 
  • 12H00    Lunch

The publication of both oral and poster presentations in an international peer-reviewed Journal is foreseen.

One (or more) best poster award will be assigned (e.g. prize: inscription to next Cosminnov Conference).


All submissions must be made during or after registration (before the 29/05/2017)

The selection will be confirmed not later than the 06/06/2017.

Abstract call:

  • Innovative and nature-inspired biomaterials and formulation
  • Large Scale Facilities as driving forces in future cosmetic sciences
  • Recent advances in modeling by soft-matter inspired theoretical approaches
  • Recent advances in formulation and characterization
  • Recent advances in skin exploration

Poster call:

The best posters will have the opportunity to give a fire talk (3 slides of presentation during 5/7 minutes).
One of them will be awarded. Please note that we do not print the posters, but racks & pins will be provided for up to A0 sizes.


Private institutions 250 EUR
Public participant 180 EUR
Students 75 EUR
Gala dinner 60 EUR

Partners of the event