November 29, 2022 - December 1, 2022

On-line Meeting on Artificial Intelligence for Plasma Science

Virtual meeting: instructions to connect are communicated upon registration.

This first On-line Meeting on Artificial Intelligence for Plasma Science will gather together experts from artificial intelligence and plasma communities. The objectives are to:

  • introduce some basics on AI and machine learning strategies for Plasma Science
  • exemplify on the first demonstrations on the use of AI in plasma science. Here Plasma Science encompasses among others: plasma processing, plasma medicine, plasma agriculture, plasma device control and monitoring, plasma diagnostics, …
  • develop an interdisciplinary international researcher network on Artificial Intelligence for Plasma Science


  • Artificial intelligence
  • Machine learning
  • Plasma process
  • Plasma medicine
  • Plasma agriculture
  • Control/Monitoring/Prediction


  • Data mining in plasma science
  • AI for pattern recognition, image processing and visualization of complex phenomena in plasma
  • AI for plasma modeling and simulation
  • AI for plasma diagnosis and process control
  • AI for plasma medicine
  • AI for plasma agriculture
  • FAIR Data bases for plasma science


Organizing committee

Oral presentations

Abstracts for oral presentation should be submitted before Friday 21st October 2022. Please upload your abstract during the registration or send it before the deadline to

The number of oral presentations is limited, convenors will process a selection and confirm your presentation not later than Friday 28th October 2022.
Please download the template for oral presentation.

Partners of the event