Dr Dr Mikhail Zubkov

janvier, 2016 - décembre, 2016

Domaine de recherche

Theoretical Physics

Établissement d'origine

Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics - RU

Laboratoire d'accueil

Institut Denis Poisson, UMR 7013 / Université d'Orléans, Université de Tours, CNRS - FR

Hôte scientifique

Dr Maxim Chernodub


Establishing links between gravity, field theory and condensed matter: Dirac and Weyl semimetals, superfluids, composite Higgs bosons

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G.E. Volovik
Mikhail A. Zubkov

The study of the Weyl and Dirac topological materials (topological semimetals, insulators, superfluids and superconductors) opens the route for the investigation of the topological quantum vacua of relativistic fields. The symmetric phase of the standard model (SM), where both electroweak and chiral symmetry are not broken, represents the topological semimetal. The vacua of the SM (and its extensions) in the phases with broken electroweak symmetry represent the topological insulators of different types. We discuss in detail the topological invariants in both the symmetric and broken phases and establish their relation to the stability of vacuum.